Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Microsoft Announce Internet Explorer 8 Version

Tej kohli expecting that yet its be true people are always curios to know about new software and there releases. But in Tej Kohli opinion that its too early after launching of IE8 , but necessary Mozila had already buzz the market with Mozila 3.0 and Google also launch a browser Crome.
Microsoft always updating its product and provides many new features and security than previous version. Now the Microsoft had launched updated Beta version of the web browser named Internet Explorer 8 and currently is in Beta version. Its having many features like its makes the user to safe from leaving footstep which makes him untraceable.
Its be most helpful for those online companies inclusive Microsoft which are doing online advertising can electronically gather tidbits about Web surfers' habits and then use that information to help decide what kinds of ads to show.
Currently this new version is in “Beta” test version of the upcoming Internet Explorer 8 and now be available to download since 2-sep-2008 and its named InPrivateBrowsing and which makes user to surf without any information of visited sites and other storing of temporary files on computer . Program also cover other footprints like , temporary files , cookies and other small data files which enable to track visitor activities .
But its not now new features after all , because Internet Explorer 7 and Mozila 3.0 had already having functionality to block the cookies and also making user to delete all private details and browsing history also but they are unable to turn off that collection entirely..
Also Beta version introduces new additional functionality InPrivateBlocking mode, which also able to block third-party content from appearing on websites likes a company carrying stock from one websites and weather information from other websites. Company which collecting data from various resources still be able to collect and show their details and share information with the people online , But users who turn on InPrivateBlocking won't see that content or be exposed to such data collection without their consent.
But Microsoft makes some type of advertisement will be available to user specially which served by Microsoft own advertiser platform and its success depends upon software makers .
General manager of Microsoft advertising division had responded in a statement that consumers understand that they get free content and services in exchange for advertising but want "transparency, trust and control with respect to the sites they visit." He also stated that “"If IE8 helps heighten awareness of this value exchange, that's a step in the right direction,".
While user surfing they can make InPrivateBlocking facility on and able to review a list which are tried to display something or even want to collect the data . User also enabled with a link which makes these companies with the Go ahead to collect the data.
“Today as a user, we have no visibility or control over how that information is shared and recorded," said James Pratt, a product manager for IE8. "I wouldn't put Microsoft as being the arbiter of what should and shouldn't be tracked."
Any publisher are too much worried because they considered as ad Blockers but InPrivateBlocking is not work as totally ad Blockers announced by Mike Zaneis, vice president of public policy for the Internet Advertising Bureau, which represents Web publishers.
If InPrivateBlocking will be adopted by IE8 users , small websites which are based upon outsides ad will suffer and will be removed automatically . The Internet ad economy didn't crash after ad-blocking plug-ins appeared for Firefox, but Zaneis said that may have more to do with Firefox's much smaller market share. (Firefox's challenge to IE has grown, however; the browser is used by more than 10 percent of Web surfers.)
The other advantage of the IE8 is to its calculate how much time and how many times user visit the ads makes able to proper calculating payment both advertiser and publisher -- that could also bring down the Web ad marketplace, Zaneis noted
"We'll wait and see what the marketplace looks like," he said. "I think [Microsoft] realizes, we all realize, that it's a beta version, and it's sure to change before it's finalized."
Also IE 8 makes web browsing easier to user and also enhanced the address bar to know what user really intent and how he get easily get desired websites. Also search box provide many other option that lets user to get more content and other product specific like search for an music album populates a drop-down menu with titles, prices and thumbnails of cover art.
On the other hand Microsoft Official unable to say about what be exact timings for final release but told that second beta version is ready for average users to try. But Microsoft assure user that its will not take too much times as its was taken previously 6 and 7 version. Earlier in June 2008 Bill Gates had promised to launch IE8 end of the August. While asking about IE8 first Beta version , its was focused on plumbing of the browser – addressing compliance with new Web standards and such – the second beta addresses user interface issues.
Dean Hachamovitch, general manager of the Internet Explorer team on the IEBlog had asked previously that "We focused our work around three themes: everyday browsing (the things that real people do all the time), safety (the term most people use for what we've called 'trustworthy' in previous posts), and the platform (the focus of Beta 1, how developers around the world will build the next billion web pages and the next waves of great services),”. A good feature had introduced with this version called "porn mode" which be switchable setting where all content, like files, cookies, and HTML code, is not saved to the cache – is a part of IE 8 beta 2, along with a feature familiar to Firefox users.
IE8 now having searchable address bar , such makes user to type actual URL or words from the site and IE will narrow the search as more and more latter entered , which is similar to the Firefox 3.0 "Awesome Bar,". Search Bar had also be modified which gives you suggestion and offer lot of search provider to get desired results likes enable to search and eBay . Many new security features also included like SmartScreen filter, which expands upon the Phishing Filter in Internet Explorer 7. The IEBlog said there are upgraded security feature to protect against things like cross-site scripting attacks, one of the most common forms of Web-based attacks.
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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mozilla: TraceMonkey Project

Tej kohli had already various topic related to Mozila updates and its version . Now Tej kohli comes with Mozila new TraceMonkey Project which make its more faster and less panic.

"TraceMonkey is a project to bring native code speed to JavaScript," said Mike Shaver, Mozilla's interim vice president of engineering, adding that JavaScript performance nearly doubles compared to Firefox 3.0, based on the SunSpider test of JavaScript performance. That speeds up many basic tasks, but it also brings image editing and 3D graphics into JavaScript's abilities, he said.

Now world will be experienced with faster Mozila web application which became true because of its new JavaScript Engine. TraceMonkey is just a new JavaScript just-in-time compiler which able to enhance feature like faster JavaScript execution. It aims to put JavaScript on a par with natively-compiled code so that certain applications cease to be as sluggish as they have been historically.
Mike Shaver Mozila vice president Mike Shaver said that “Developer and user demand for performance is insatiable, and at Mozilla we demand it ourselves, since our application itself is largely and increasingly written in JavaScript. In addition to improving the performance of web applications, our work on JS performance in Firefox 3 made our own application snappier and more responsive,” “We’re not done. In addition to continuing to work on our existing JavaScript interpreter (some 20% improved over Firefox 3 already), we’re also looking farther into the future of JS performance, and have some early news to share.”
While TraceMonkey was tested than its be found that Javascript function work much faster as compared with Mozila 3.0 . More specifically its cites 22.2x increases on function call over Firefox 3, a 37.5x increase in performance when it comes to global loops and a 20.8x increase in terms of closed loop performance. Moreover its takes advantages of a UC Irvine-developed technique called ‘trace trees’ as well as building on contributions and code that have been shared with the Tamarin Tracing project.
“The goal of the TraceMonkey project — which is still in its early stages — is to take JavaScript performance to another level, where instead of competing against other interpreters, we start to compete against native code. Even with this very, very early version we’re already seeing some promising results.”
Currently TraceMonkey is available in Alpha version of Firefox 3.1 and officials sources singing it might take end of the year for final release. While had giving the faculty to be turned off default , Mozilla has admitted that there are still “bugs to fix and an enormous number of optimisations still to choose from” before the leap from alpha to full-blown release can be made.
In separate news, users of Firefox 2.0 will now receive a prompt suggesting they upgrade to the latest version of the browser, according to a blog post by Mike Beltzner, the company’s director of user experience.
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Monday, July 28, 2008

Google ranking Technologies

Tej Kohli using Google on daily basis and find it’s very amazing and to get desired results about queries whiten in the search box . According to Tej Kohli knowing Google and its very technologies is very difficult and moreover Google officials and Techniques also unable to define and said that its be machine work to fetch out results we are just implementing algorithms.
May 2008 , Udi Manber making an search quality group for checking the search results quality as well checking ‘Core Rankings ‘ and international searches quality . Basically according to Google officials, Google rakings is a collection of Algorithms which is used for returning most relevant documents for a user query. Each day Google have to serve near about hundreds of million quires for billion of Billion pages and algorithms runs for each query . Same algorithms also used in other Google services and images , News , YouTube , Maps , Product , Book Search and many other services .But Google official asked that , Google algorithms are nothing but try to find out locally relevant search results searched globally, keeping simple and no manual intervention in these process . We are working on ‘no query left behind “principal for proving most relevant results to the query. While we return lass than ideals results for any query in any languages in any country and then it’s used as base for further improvements. Google system architecture work upon making this process very simple. Also when user had quarried in various languages. Also Google concentrate its mind over making the process simple without compromising quality. This is an ongoing process and making changes every week with some big consideration in launching every change. But engineer approach for understanding why page get ranked and its appropriateness for query.
But sometimes situation arises when user came up with "Does Google manually edit its results?". But Google official denied for any manual listing and said it’s just be Google algorithms that gives us desired results according to query but its be true that we are analyzing websites structure , linking as well as other human work on various websites to make new algorithms . Google strictly working upon subjective listing and against manual listing adjustment. While we are making and underlying algorithms we are concentrating our mind over all aspects like languages and other issue and then make changes in entire class. Google official added “I should add, however, that there are clear written policies for websites recommended by Google, and we do take action on sites that are in violation of our policies or for a small number of other reasons (e.g. legal requirements, child porn, viruses/malware, etc).”The core technology come from academic filed of Information retrieval (IR). IR community searched studied that topic over 50 years. . It uses statistical signals of word salience, like word frequency, to rank pages , its give solid foundation for making tremendous system by using links , page structure and other such innovation .Internet searches rapidly growing as well as search results are also increasing proportionally. User expectations and search domain also increased . Google work hard to fetch desired results from the huge data which are available on Internet. Google change its algorithms because of new technologies and new components came which must be searchable and readable by search engine crawler. We have to know some before goings into depth we have to know some terms
• Pages: Google official told that they invested much pages for crawling and indexing. Google preferred size and freshness of pages and make algorithm according to that. Google is very keen to understand page association and important concept page contain. Example Google noticed official homepage for Sprovieri Gallery in London for the Italian query [galleria sprovieri londra], even though the official page does not have either London or Londra on it. In the U.S., a user searching for [cool tech pc vancouver, wa] finds the homepage even though the page does not mention anywhere that they are in Vancouver, WA. Gooogle Google developed include distinctions between important and less important words in the page and the freshness of the information on the page.
• Queries: Google said the its seems decisive to understand what users are looking for (beyond just the few words in their query). Google made several notable advances in this area including a best-in-class spelling suggestion system, an advanced synonyms system, and a very strong concept analysis system.
While user search something , he uses spelling suggestion system . Some times user searching for [kofee annan] is really searching for Mr. Kofi Annan, and is prompted: Did you mean: kofi annan; but sometimes user searching for [kofee beans] is actually looking for coffee beans. Its hard to make this internationally with very high accuracy but Google do well.
Google also using Synonyms for understanding user query which seems hard but Google had solved it . For manually its be possible but for computer processing its needs time and algorithms .When user doesn’t know exact words or even Synonyms wchih Google used in Synonyms for this case Google can do sophisticated query modifications. Like 'Dr' in the query [Dr Zhivago] stands for Doctor whereas in [Rodeo Dr] it means Drive. A user looking for [back bumper repair] gets results about rear bumper repair. For [Ramstein ab], we automatically look for Ramstein Air Base; for the query query [b&b ab] we search for Bed and Breakfasts in Alberta, Canada. Google had developed such system for near about hundred different languages. Identification is also best practice which Google often used which returns with some relevant results .Like that in the query [new york times square church] the user is looking for the well-known church in Times Square and not for articles from the New York Times. Google further enhance the query with the right concepts when, for illustration, someone looking for [PC and its impact on people] is in fact looking for impact of computers on society, or someone who searches for [rainforest instructional activities for vocabulary] is really looking for rain forest lesson plans. Google query analysis algorithms have many such state-of-the-art techniques built into them, to meet internationally in almost every language .
• Users Perspective: Google work hard to know what user want and return relevant results which starts from world class localization system with some advanced personalization technology and other great great strides for getting user intent for making universal search .
Google work on ideology “best locally relevant results served globally" which can be reflected in Google work on localization. User get different results according to different geographical location for same query .Like for US user ‘Bank’ query returns American banks where is UK its returns Bank Fashion line or for British financial institutions while in other countries its retunes financial institutions in other English speaking countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa. Other example is [Côte d'Or] is a geographic region in France - but it is a large chocolate manufacturer in neighboring French-speaking Belgium; and yes.
Another most important factor which Google consider Personalization which makes some results for some individuals . Like user logging make some difference into search results according to user profile and user preference. Like one user profile get results football related results and other will get baseball results for same ‘Sports Events’ query according to personalized results .Such that if you prefer particular website for purchasing you will get same site while you are searching products .An example the query [chevrolet magnum]. Magnum is actually made by Dodge and not Chevrolet. So we present the results for Dodge Magnum with the prompt See results for: dodge magnum in our result set.

Google work on Universal Search is best example to know user intent before making search results. Google also made Cross Language Information Retrieval (CLIR) . which first search information in other languages and then Google translation technology make it accessible to user who fired query .That know as “ give me what I want in any language” like some one looking for Tony Blair's biography in Russia who types the query in Russian [Тони Блэр биография] is prompted at the bottom of our results to search the English web with like that Disney movie songs in Egypt with the query [أغاني أفلام ديزني] is prompted to search the English web. Google very excited about CLIR as it truly brings us closer to our mission to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.
That be Google state-of-the-art technology which also used for making rankings systems for making “problem had solved “.But on the other hand Google also realize that some queries don’t give desired results and work further for making its possible user get every word to be return back with results. Many other technology and algorithm still under construction for making Google to be get back with relevant results

Monday, July 21, 2008

MOKO First Mobile Social Network

Tej Kohli having strong beliefs that social community making new area for sharing love and fun . Now with the introduction of MOKO social network Tej kohli feels that everyone now have new zone for all stuffs.
That be a good news for whole Internet Community who are wishing all the facilities on mobile. It be a revolutionary step and almost whole world now praising for this new achievements. A Moko online service which is basically an invention of Loop Mobile is the world first social networking sites can be available on both Mobile and online. Few years ago Loop had launched MOKO for mobiles and had integrated across 3 Mobiles networks in Australia and UK.
On the beginning face it have live chat, Profile creation, photo sharing and video uploading capabilities. MOKO mobiles and new online section have integrated to provide more functionality to user on any platform which is not available in another community building website.
“It’s quite a big development; there aren’t social networking sites where all the functionality is available across both devices,” said Loop Mobile CEO Martin Hoffman.
“Usually, the mobile service is just an add-on to what is normally a PC-centric experience, but we’ve built everything to be equally accessible across both platforms.”
Cross platform capabilities makes its very popular as well as easy to use Hoffman wgi told to media that near about 92 percent use both online and mobile for accessing.
Although online version of this website is absolutely free for all users but mobile version paid through carriers in one flat fee that covers both the MOKO subscription and data usage. For future plan Hoffman told that user will experienced with paid online version which have new added feature like private chat , gift selection and sending . Also company looking its expansion to other countries .

“The main focus for us is to continue to grow online and work in other countries and work with other mobile phone carriers,” he said.

“We have strong bases in Australia, the US, and the UK, but now we really want to branch out to regions in southern Asia.” . Perth mobile network provider and AdultShop spin-off Loop Mobile launched its mobile social community two month earlier than its predication. The move came as the company signed a deal with US-based 3G mobile networks Helio – which recently merged with Virgin Mobile USA – enabling its users to access the MOKO network. Shares in the company were unchanged at 5¢ at 9.55am. Officials of Loop Mobile also announced launch of MOKO in USA which have own 3G Mobile network Helio, . In future its have own carrier network which connect United kingdom to North America,. MOKO mobli now live on the Helio mobile web “Surf & Search”. Helio is famous 3G mobile service operator in US . “This announcement reflects a strategic cultural fit for the community,” said Martin Hoffman, Loop’s CEO. That’s be great for whole world making online community and share your ideas , fun , love , chat , images , videos with other . Its be great enhancement and achievement for all online community and adventures seeker . Providing new space by mobile for making friends and community . Orkut and Facbook and many other online community are became popular now the people across that world having profile on such social community. MOKO brings new space in Mobil world and revolution.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Google Protocol Buffers

Tej Kohli always discuss technology and enhancement which gives new roadmap and makes a substantial path for moving forward . Tej Kohli recently noticed Technology enhancement offered by Google , Suddenly find that Google now offer Protocol Buffer which having many advantages over XML and might be goggle replaced XML soon in each application , because of its simplicity and fast robustness.
Its might be possible that Google soon replaced XML use and replaced with its Protocol Buffer . Google had announced an open project for a data interchange format called Protocol Buffers. Its work well with different wide range of data format with faster speed and planned own XML application to shipped to Protocol Buffer. Since used XML as a lingua franca to send messages between its different servers, but it is very complicated , because os XML creates large files and makes application slow. Kenton Varda of Google's Software Engineering Team makes remarks over its use and told that “best alternative for exchanging data over network or storing it onto hard drive, its compactness which not in XML and easiness . Imakes developer feel free to use it.
Protocol Buffer allow to define simple data structures in a special definition language, then compile them to produce classes to represent those structures in the language of your choice.These classes come complete with heavily-optimized code to parse and serialize your message in an extremely compact format. Best of all, the classes are easy to use: each field has simple "get" and "set" methods, and once you're ready, serializing the whole thing to--or parsing it from--a byte array or an I/O stream just takes a single method call.
Matt Cutts, remarks that “ Protocol Buffers automatically generates Java, Python, or C++ code: “Basically it’s a compact way for encoding data into binary format . Programmer just right simple description of a protocol or structured data and Google code regenerate a class in C++ , Java or even Python to read, write, and parse the protocol. By the use of this protocol data can be stored in Hard Drive , sent to network and used in very tricky way . This software available with Apache Software License 2.0.
Google had also work over standardize XML compression which make application little bit faster but new invention make more faster than before.
Protocol Buffers
• are simpler
• are 3 to 10 times smaller
• are 20 to 100 times faster
• are less ambiguous
• generate data access classes that are easier to use programmatically
An example, also from the Developer Guide:
let's say you want to model a person with a name and an email. In XML, you need to do:

John Doe

while the corresponding protocol buffer message definition (in protocol buffer text format) is:
person {
name = "John Doe"
email = ""
In binary format, this message would probably be 28 bytes long and take around 100-200 nanoseconds to parse. The XML version is at least 69 bytes (if you remove white space) and would take around 5,000-10,000 nanoseconds to parse.

Upon a little further reading, here's what Protocol Buffers offer:
- the message itself is a nicely compact definition of names and values
- the "proto" file defines what you expect to see in the message
- the proto is used to autogenerate parsing code in several languages (Java, C++, Python), with methods for get, set, et al.
- the autogenerated parser turns the message into a well-defined object or class
- after parsing, the data in the message is very easily accessed and manipulated
The Google developers don't assert that this is a "replacement" for XML. It's just a better data carrier in many situations. The things that XML claims to be good at are still accomplished best with XML:
- XML is better for describing a text-based document with markup, whereas PB doesn't easily interleave structure with text
- XML is human-readable, and human-editable, whereas PB is squished into binary
- XML is self-describing, whereas PB relies on a proto file to describe the content of a message
What further enhancement be expected from Google , imagine that seems like bullish. But every one have to appreciate Google to moving web technology into next generation. Google is now big giant in Search engine and now sharing near about 60percent of total.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tej Kohli Congratulate Firefox

Tej kohli want to congratulate Firefox for its record breaking downloads during the month June 2008 . Tej Kohli told “ Its be amazing yet another time Firefox made a history where in the market Internet Exploring dominate in web browsing , Firefox give challenge and new milestone to Internet Explorer to achieve”.
Firefox which is best known for his browser Mozila and now booming in the market because of its many plug-ins and available tools, last moth it made a record breaking history and officially announced for informing to Guinness world record for largest record breaking number of downloads in with in 24-hours.Firefox official also announced that during the month June 8,002,530 downloads took placed which now be a mile stone in software downloads history."The enthusiasm and creativity of Firefox fans was key to making this happen," said marketing head Paul Kim. Gareth Deaves of Guinness World Records called it "an extremely impressive accomplishment".
The logs was official audited before announcement and checked to ensure that no duplicates and unfinished downloads was not counted in the record breaking figure.
Mr Kim told the BBC News: "The notion of going for a world record, as... nutty as it may have sounded, was a really sticky idea.
"It was an idea that translated really well across national borders and to all different kinds of people around the world." Marketing manger party after Guinness World Records in London announcement next week.
"Here at Mozilla headquarters (in Mountain View) I think most of us are just going to try and get to bed early now that we have the confirmation. We are all tired."
While Firefox was launched some security agencies put question regarding the how safe Mozila for Internet community .After five hours , , DV Labs/Tipping Point that its be harm to clich on booby-trapped link. Then Mr Kim told Firefox user are safe and announced for updated version soon. While user downloading this sever also checked whether user already have latest version or not .Once they were all up and running the clock started counting down. On the busiest mode server had handled near about 9,000 downloads per minute . Within five hours the number of downloads for Version 3.0 exceeded the 1.6 million set by Firefox 2.0 in October 2006
That be right for Mozila official person while he was fighting with Internet Explorer , Firefox starts war and try to remove monopoly over that issue also Mozila is on no 1 position while software updates are concerns . More and more community are attached with Firefox for helping upgrading Mozila .
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Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Tej Kohli gives latest updates from Internet market and now find that now a days where we running our system in highly secure environment, we have also check out for latest software updates like browser. Tej Kohli short study about Internet Brower and their latest version and uses.
Most of the Internet researcher and experts such that Zurich , Google , IBM are unanimous that like any medicine software must have instruction to use with proper expiry date. Some famous and well-known personal like Stefan Frei and Martin May of the Computer Engineering and Networks Laboratory at ETH Zurich, Thomas Dubendorfer of Google Switzerland, and Gunter Ollmann of IBM (NYSE: IBM) are said that worldwide near about 637 million (42.5%) Internet surfer out of 1.4 billion using net on high risk due to old browser version. They are in believe that software must have labeled like ‘Best Before ‘ date which enable to user to get fresh and updated version of software . They are also agree that a such community must be exist in the world who informed that your software expired and need to be update and must have latest collection of new software with guidelines .According to study new and new malware targeting web browser and can affect not only user data but also affect network .Since 2000 when remote access came into existence , the possibility of such malware can harm computer .According to study it find that Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 2, Safari 3, and Opera 9 -- Firefox 2 is the most secure .
Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) Internet Explorer 7 which share 47.65 share of market find secure for net browsing , Fireox 2 is moist secure browser , because 83.35 using the current version , second third and forth no occupied by Apple safari 3 which 65.35 user using current version .
Since October 2006 when the IE 7 was launch , takes 19 months to be common use , which is mostly used browser . In such time 92.2% Firefox user now use FF2.The study further states that , after the release of Safari 3 60% user had upgraded within three months .Because of "Apple's controversial inclusion of the new Web browser in the auto-updates of other popular Apple software products." In March, Mozilla CEO John Lilly said Apple's decision to make its Safari Web browser available to Windows users by default "borders on malware distribution practices."
Some researcher define most secure Web browser as "the latest official public release of a vendor's Web browser at a given date." In this Beta version is not included . But it also be true that malware creator target mostly used browser which is off course Internet Explorer that share 78.3 5 global marjet from Feb to Jun 2008 instead of Opera which is used now 0.8% around the world . Because the idea behind that more and more people gets affected with malware so malware community target mostly used browser user.But in particle its not be true because all the web browser using same underlying technology such that Flash and other Add-Ons . Along similar lines, the study cites research by computer security firm Secunia that indicates some 21.7% of all QuickTime 7 installations are out of date. Thus, having the most current version of one's favorite Web browser may not help if one's other software is outdated.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Microsoft YuMe Shake hands

Tej Kohli always makes golden remarks over major deals in Internet marketing deals . According to Tej Kohli big market boom are now following the policy that in spite of out sourcing work its be nice to acquire best company and then allow it work as individual entity and make a joint venture with his personal work . Microsoft deal with YuMe leaves some question and Tej Kohli try to find out answers.
World largest online video advertisement network tie up with Microsoft Corp, to complement Microsoft existing video advertisement services. The deal was announced on June 12 2008 on Redwood City, CA. This summer brings both corp joint video advertisement on Internet many be big stunning news of this year. YuMe will provide video advertising network management capabilities and sales for unsold inventory on Microsoft’s online properties.
“In working with YuMe, we will further maximize the value of our unsold video inventory through YuMe’s robust platform for video advertising network management,” said Rob Bennett, general manager, MSN Entertainment, Video & Sports, Microsoft. “YuMe offers the ability to connect additional ad networks to its platform, and we plan on utilizing this service to provide YuMe and other ad networks access to Microsoft’s unsold video inventory.” YuMe will generate money by Microsoft video advertisement inventory , with the sell of Microsoft video ad inventory on YuMe networks of channels (Sports , News , Entertainment and Others) . This make audience can easily get and purchase video and content genre.
“YuMe brings a best in class video advertising platform and sales team to Microsoft to immediately monetize excess video inventory on Microsoft properties,” said Jayant Kadambi, CEO and co-founder of YuMe. “Our selection by Microsoft is testament to both our technology’s strength and our expertise in helping publishers best monetize their content and advertisers best reach their desired target audience.”
With this agreement Microsoft also use NetworkMe that used by Yume to allow publishers to aggregate all video into one private inventory.With NetworkMe a publisher gains unprecedented inventory liquidity and the ability to maximize CPMs and fill–rates across multiple properties.
About YuMe
Yume is synonymous of new world of Web video and its first dedicated online video Ad management system that having 400 websites and 150 million video stream with 4.9 million unique visitors. Yume promises quality Video advertisement with sound reach to visitors.
YuMe is the first dedicated video advertising network and ad management system built exclusively for the new world of Web video. With 400+ websites, more than 150 million video streams, and 46.9 million unique visitors, the YuMe network provides both audience scale and quality reach for advertisers. Its enable advertisers and publishers to identify , classify ,branding , contextual , relevance, controlled syndication, and consistent delivery all web and micro tools like web , Mobile and IPTV. Its give first cross-platform Ad solutions and ability to serve multiple ad formats and placements through a single, unified system. YuMe is a privately held company headquartered in Redwood City, CA and backed by Khosla Ventures, Accel Partners, BV Capital and DAG Ventures.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yahoo Now will showing Google Ads

Tej Kohli brings many exciting news and impact of this to upcoming market .
Tej Kohli reveals some fact about Yahoo and Google Deals.
Its news not only imaging everybody but can make little bit confuse to everybody, Now yahoo on 12 June announced that he is now going to out source some search-related advertising sales to Google. Some experts say that be matter of near about $800 million annual revenue task that produce $250 to $300 incremental operating cash flow in upcoming one year period .
This deals includes facts yahoo now showing ads that will be provided by Google alongside with Yahoo search results which incisive all yahoo web portals and other websites of yahoo. In the proposal regional areas which are affected with this deals are US and Canada . That means now will show Google and other third parties ads and own Panama marketplace.
Yahoo CEO Yang showing happiness with these words “Clearly, it is time to move on,” after the conference with the investors of Yahoo especially because talks with Microsoft had terminated. Company also agreed upon to allow to 3.5 moths delay for this to give time US Department of Justice to review this proposal.
According to terms and condition supplied by both side to revise that Yahoo to run Google Adsense and Adsense for Content services after the internally paid search and search results . Yahoo also agreed to supplied this ads to Yahoo web properties and other partner websites.
With the inclusive of 4 year initial term this agreement will be go ups for upcoming ten years and two years renewals at Yahoo option .This deals affect only Canada and US based search results. Advertiser will continue to pay directly for Yahoo and Panama clicks as well as Google directly on Google paid search results .Google have to pay Yahoo for acquisition. This deals also include that either party terminate in the events of a change of control of either party but also include that if yahoo terminate this deals then yahoo have to pay $250 million ad well as 50% revenues generated by Yahoo. Also included in the deal are interoperability of the instant messaging services of the two companies. The deal may add 800 million U.S. dollars a year to sales, California-based Yahoo said in a statement.
Separate statements from Microsoft and Yahoo signaled a more permanent rift between the two after months of on-again, off-again talks. It also heightened pressure on Yahoo to outline an alternative strategy.
In after hours trading, Yahoo shares have rebounded 46 cents, to $23.98. The stock had declined $2.63 in the regular session. Google, which rose $7.75 in the regular session, is up $1.05, to $554, in late trading.
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Monday, May 26, 2008

Tej Kohli :World Congress on Information Technology

"Tej Kohli said "There must be some international initiative must be taken to check out Information Technology growth in the alignment of government bodies and parallel industries."16th WCIT which held in Kuala Lumpur is the place where the big IT industry giant gather to check out IT growth and challenges in upcoming time.It be expectation of experts that WCIT 2008 is the largest gathering since ever of personals of IT who are leaders in business, government and others. There are 100 spokesperson from the 80 countries with more then 2,700 delegates are expected to be in WCIT 2008. Leading Enterprises IT publisher of the Asia Fairfax Business Media (FBM) , is the official media partner of the WCIT 2008.Other media partner are Computerworld Malaysia, Computerworld Singapore, CIO Asia and MIS Asia magazines, for providing full coverage of WCIT 2008 . As an estimation near about 350 million views are around the world from the homes and office had seen WCIT 2008.
WCIT 2008 will be held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and incorporates a three-day Congress, a Link Program for business matching, an ICT exhibition and various ancillary activities including a golf tournament and motorsport experience.
**FBM Asia Magazine Titles:
-Computerworld - Computerworld Singapore ( and Computerworld Malaysia ( magazines carry a stimulating mix of analytical reporting, in-depth discussions of current and emerging technology trends, enterprise IT, plus key technological developments and solutions that have an impact on regional IT professionals. Last month, Computerworld Malaysia received an honourable mention at the MediaConnect Asia Technology Journalist Awards 2007.
-MIS (Managing Information Strategies) Asia ( . This is the leading IT management magazine circulated to some 10,650 CIOs and senior IT management in Asia 's large to medium-sized enterprises, encouraging business-guided IT strategy by offering case studies and best practices. In July 2007, MIS Asia won the Best Business Technology Title award for the second year, at the MediaConnect Asia Technology Journalist Awards 2007.
-CIO Magazine ( - This respected magazine links CIOs and senior executives with business strategy and technology innovation. It builds the IT business case for the highest-level members of the executive suite, and is aimed at the C-level leader who needs to know the business essentials of IT, with enough technical information for informed decision-making. CIO magazine gives the budget proposers (for example, the CIO) the means to drive strategy and the budget gatekeepers (such as the CFO and CEO) the means to judge its value.
WCIT program is designed a three day congress to encompass global IT field issue and directing IT into new era of business-to-Business , business-to-government(B2G) and Business-to-industry(B2I).
The organizer of WCIT 2008 are the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) and the Association of the Computer and Multimedia Industry of Malaysia (PIKOM) with the full support and corporation of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation Malaysia. On 19 may (Xinhua) in WCIT announce new host WCIT which will be held in 2012 in Montreal, Canada, in 2012, Chairman of World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) George Newstrom announced here on Monday. The next WCIT will be planned to held in Netherlands in 2010, according to Newstrom. The vision of World congress of Information technology to gather government bodies with the industry leader to make up relation and work model for information Technology .

Friday, May 23, 2008

Tej Kohli : Internet Future in US

Tej Kohli wants to keep himself update while technology is concern. According to him “although it can be true in the records that now be internet be life line in urban areas of US but while we are taking internet speed and resources in his concerns there are yet differences in various region in US and there is no possibility the situation will be better in future.” ……………….Tej kohli
A big community of internet surfing in US now facing the same problem that some have high speed networks and some having low speed networks. What problem is not only low speed networks but high speed networks also facing that low speed connection causes low down high speed networks and then became unable to provide their services in time . In US many person are in same opinion there is no difference between broadband and dial up connection. Now they run on same speed , means broadband very slower then expectation. What be difference between Dial ups and broadband connection and how broadband differ from dial-up. Broadband provide more facility which is not possible in dial-ups connection such as music download, video and sharing files through internet, that not possible with Dial-ups connections. The upcoming feature that every person expect from internet are that video conferencing as well as interactive games and download movies with in second. Now the US government plan to convert whole home based cable internet lines to fiber-optic which are backbones all the way to home. Existing FTTH or Fiber-optic connections are 10 times faster than vanilla broadband which runs over phone or cable lines . US taken under consideration for FTTH but Varizon Communication had already connected 17 state with this services. This is biggest company in US which replaced its old copper wire communication line to high speed Fiber optics. Near about 1.8 million people and 2.9 million homes are using high speed broad band connections FiOS services.
Some Small phone companies , cooperatives and municipalities, like Chattanooga, now providing FTTH in some parts of US. Some major companies like AT&T Inc and Qwest communication International Inc also developing their FTTH in some areas but they are not replacing them to existing cabling system.
According to Graham Finnie chief analyst for the telecom research firm Heavy Reading “13 percent of US household will be connected to fiber by 2012” . Verizon business rooted is in East Coast, Texas and California. But problem is that much of the community wills still left in future who will not be able to get FTTH. According to some news survey US will be best internet services in future.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Blackberry with Live Chat

There is very good news for those people who are always looking for something new in Mobile technology. Mobile technology is upgrading now a days very rapidly and providing more facility to mobile users. So long awaited facility that everyone expected with Blackberry mobile is that Microsoft consumer mailing system as well as instant messaging system which will be available with Blackberry last of Summer. Microsoft and research in motion announced on 12 may 2008. What be reason behind that , experts says that that means
Blackberry want no more be only business messaging service and want some more popular services available with their mobile and on the other hand Microsoft also don’t want to be pack only with its windows mobile in its Mobile market strategy. Most popular products which be now in markets are Blackberry 7000 , Blackberry 8000 and Blackberry bold . Blackberry also proudly announced today that Windows Live services, which include both Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger. New phones will be shipped with the services, and users will be able to download them onto existing phones.
Everybody knows Blackberry as second name of business e-mail. But according to Microsoft officials “ Windows live search and instant messaging system and business mailing very popular on PC, We just want to expand its areas such that more and more user interact with these services either by PC or By Mobile phone that’s why We had already engaged with Blackberry with Live search earlier this autumn and now expanding area with facilitating Blackberry user with mailing and instant messaging “.
This is the third major distribution deal Microsoft has done for Hotmail and Messenger. Of course, it started by offering them on Windows Mobile phones, and then last year added a deal with Nokia to offer Hotmail and Messenger on Nokia Series 60 devices. Microsoft's now working on getting those services onto Nokia Series 40 devices as well.
"The market would expect us to put our services on the Windows Mobile platform, but we're serious about other platforms as well," Holden said. "There is not one mobile phone platform. There's a bigger fragmentation of suppliers out there than on the PC."
Despite the deal with RIM, people won't get Windows Live services without the approval of their carriers. Microsoft has about 140 carrier relationships around the world regarding Windows Live on mobile devices, including recent deals with Telefonica in Latin America and T-Mobile in Europe. Holden says to expect a number of additional deals in coming months. Last year, it became clear that AT&T had disabled Windows Live services on Palm Treo smartphones.
While Microsoft's early Live mobile services include a limited subset of Microsoft's larger array of Live offerings, including search, social networking, instant messaging, e-mail, and mobile content, the company hopes to expand its breadth. The company's already said that it's aiming its Silverlight rich Web app technology and Live Mesh synchronization service at mobile devices.
"When you think about our Web services, all of those will very much have a strong and stronger mobile component for them moving forward," Holden says. "It's really about extending the PC access to the mobile phone in ways that are very similar."

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Youtube Arrives In India

YouTube, the world's most popular online video community has launched its local Indian site (

YouTube India features a localized homepage and search functions, allowing users to create and share videos, discover the most popular and relevant videos in India, and connect with other Indian and global users. Over time, YouTube India will benefit from an entirely "local" experience highlighting and featuring the content and functionality most desired by the Indian users.

"We are very excited to bring a local version of YouTube to India considering the passion of users here for music and entertainment." said Steve Chen, CTO and co-founder of YouTube. "For a culture that is steeped both in video and in storytelling, and where everyone has a voice - YouTube India will not only offer Indian users more relevant content but also provide a platform to share India's unique and diverse culture and lifestyle with the largest online video community in the world."

"YouTube allows anyone with a simple web camera or even a cell phone to create content, connect, and converse with each other through the medium of video," said Sakina Arsiwala, International manager, YouTube. "It provides a powerful way for people to express themselves. From a home video to a magic show to classroom lectures or working professionals connecting with their families in another city, YouTube is about communication and not just entertainment," she added.

In India, YouTube has already signed partnerships with Eros Entertainment, Rajshri Films, IIFA, Ministry of Tourism, IIT Delhi, NDTV, UTV, Zoom TV, India TV and Krishcricket, to name a few, and will continue to work with a range of partners, across a range of genres, to bring Indian content to more people in new ways.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

India Military Gears Up for Cyber Warfare

Guarding the borders, fighting militants and training for blitzkrieg battles is just not enough now. Facing mounting attacks in the virtual world, the Indian Army is not going high-tech. It is gearing up for battles in the digitised battlefield as well.

The ongoing army commanders' conference, chaired by General Deepak Kapoor, has decided to boost the "cyber-security" of its information networks right down to the level of divisions, which are basically field formations with over 15,000 troops.

Apart from creating cyber-security organisations down to the division-level to guard against cyber warfare and data thefts, the Army top brass has also underlined the urgent need for "periodic cyber-security audits" by the Army Cyber Security Establishment (ACSE).

"The most advanced armies in the world like the US one also face 3,000 to 4,000 attempts a year to hack their networks. As our Army boosts its infotech levels, we also become more vulnerable to such threats. Future conflicts will be fought by 'networks'," said a senior officer.

Both China and Pakistan, for instance, are bolstering their cyber-warfare or information warfare capabilities at a rapid clip. China, in particular, has made cyber-warfare one of its topmost military priorities, with Chinese hackers breaking into sensitive computer networks of the US, UK, Germany and even India on a regular basis.

"By crippling or destroying an adversary's economic, communication and strategic networks and infrastructure, cyber-warfare can even prove more deadly than ballistic missile strikes. It can, for instance, be in the form of denial-of-service cyber-attacks and paralysing computer viruses," said another officer.

The Indian armed forces, of course, are also trying to hone their information warfare weapons as well as enhance their C4ISR (command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) capabilities.

The tri-service integrated defence staff, on its part, has also come out with an information warfare doctrine. But the progress is slow compared to the infotech boom in the civilian arena.

Even as the armed forces take some strides forward on the infotech superhighway, the need to protect their own systems from cyber-attacks of hostile forces is increasingly being felt.

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X3 Service Pack

A small incompatibility with a relatively rare software package has held up the SP3 release train for the time being, but users can still snag the files from Microsoft.

Though Microsoft had previously announced that it would be releasing Windows XP Service Pack 3 to the Web on Tuesday, the company backed off its decision in the eleventh hour due to a glitch it discovered with certain software. The official service pack release will now be delayed until Microsoft can build a filter to keep those with the problematic software from installing it, but the files are still available on Microsoft’s server, despite the lack of a proper release.

“In the last few days, we have uncovered a compatibility issue between Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) and both Windows XP SP3 and Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1),” said Microsoft’s Windows release manager Chris Keroack in an official forum posting.”In order to make sure customers have the best possible experience, we have decided to delay releasing Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) to the web.”

While Microsoft advises those with the Microsoft Dynamics RMS not to install the update, the overwhelming majority of users without such software installed can still download the update by directly accessing the files on Microsoft’s servers. The English 32-bit version is available here.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Intel Announces Smallest Processors For Low Cost PC

Tej Kohli brings you the latest news courtesy itvarnews.
The Intel Atom processor will be the name for a new family of low-power processors designed specifically for mobile Internet devices (MIDs) and a new class of simple and affordable Internet-centric computers arriving later this year. Together, these new market segments represent a significant new opportunity to grow the overall market for Intel silicon using the Intel Atom processor as the foundation. The company also announced the Intel Centrino Atom processor technology for MID platforms, consisting of multiple chips that enable the best Internet experience in a pocketable device. The Intel Atom processor is based on an entirely new microarchitecture designed specifically for small devices and low power, while maintaining the Intel Core 2 Duo instruction set compatibility consumers are accustomed to when using a standard PC and the Internet. The design also includes support for multiple threads for better performance and increased system responsiveness. All of this on a chip that measures less than 25 mm², making it Intel's smallest and lowest power processor yet. Up to 11 Intel Atom processor die -- the tiny slivers of silicon packed with 47 million transistors each -- would fit in an area the size of an American penny.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

'IT Modernization Should Be Top Priority For CIOs'

Tej Kohli is passionate about IT. Read an article quoted from networkcomputing.
IT management teams must place modernizing strategic planning at the core of their 2008 objectives and immediately apply this capability to IT modernization efforts, according to Gartner. By year-end 2010, more than one-third of all application projects will be driven by the need to deal with technology or skills obsolescence.
Gartner defines IT modernization as a movement that includes market forces, strategies and approaches to manage the ongoing, coordinated evolution of the business process, application and supporting technology portfolios to achieve an optimized value, cost and risk objective.
“Our research with thousands of clients across multiple geographic locations and industries shows that most CIOs are struggling to cope with a set of portfolios in which an overwhelming percentage of the artifacts need to be retired and replaced within a comparatively short period of time — between 2008 and 2015,” said Dale Vecchio, research vice president at Gartner.
“The scale of obsolescence in the set of portfolios is a major problem in its own right, but it is compounded by the lack of integrated planning capability within many IT management teams,” said Andy Kyte, vice president and Gartner Fellow. “IT modernization cannot be addressed as a short-term panic-response project because it is large and complex, and it requires the wholehearted commitment of all the IT management team and many of the business clients as well.”