Monday, June 16, 2008

Microsoft YuMe Shake hands

Tej Kohli always makes golden remarks over major deals in Internet marketing deals . According to Tej Kohli big market boom are now following the policy that in spite of out sourcing work its be nice to acquire best company and then allow it work as individual entity and make a joint venture with his personal work . Microsoft deal with YuMe leaves some question and Tej Kohli try to find out answers.
World largest online video advertisement network tie up with Microsoft Corp, to complement Microsoft existing video advertisement services. The deal was announced on June 12 2008 on Redwood City, CA. This summer brings both corp joint video advertisement on Internet many be big stunning news of this year. YuMe will provide video advertising network management capabilities and sales for unsold inventory on Microsoft’s online properties.
“In working with YuMe, we will further maximize the value of our unsold video inventory through YuMe’s robust platform for video advertising network management,” said Rob Bennett, general manager, MSN Entertainment, Video & Sports, Microsoft. “YuMe offers the ability to connect additional ad networks to its platform, and we plan on utilizing this service to provide YuMe and other ad networks access to Microsoft’s unsold video inventory.” YuMe will generate money by Microsoft video advertisement inventory , with the sell of Microsoft video ad inventory on YuMe networks of channels (Sports , News , Entertainment and Others) . This make audience can easily get and purchase video and content genre.
“YuMe brings a best in class video advertising platform and sales team to Microsoft to immediately monetize excess video inventory on Microsoft properties,” said Jayant Kadambi, CEO and co-founder of YuMe. “Our selection by Microsoft is testament to both our technology’s strength and our expertise in helping publishers best monetize their content and advertisers best reach their desired target audience.”
With this agreement Microsoft also use NetworkMe that used by Yume to allow publishers to aggregate all video into one private inventory.With NetworkMe a publisher gains unprecedented inventory liquidity and the ability to maximize CPMs and fill–rates across multiple properties.
About YuMe
Yume is synonymous of new world of Web video and its first dedicated online video Ad management system that having 400 websites and 150 million video stream with 4.9 million unique visitors. Yume promises quality Video advertisement with sound reach to visitors.
YuMe is the first dedicated video advertising network and ad management system built exclusively for the new world of Web video. With 400+ websites, more than 150 million video streams, and 46.9 million unique visitors, the YuMe network provides both audience scale and quality reach for advertisers. Its enable advertisers and publishers to identify , classify ,branding , contextual , relevance, controlled syndication, and consistent delivery all web and micro tools like web , Mobile and IPTV. Its give first cross-platform Ad solutions and ability to serve multiple ad formats and placements through a single, unified system. YuMe is a privately held company headquartered in Redwood City, CA and backed by Khosla Ventures, Accel Partners, BV Capital and DAG Ventures.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yahoo Now will showing Google Ads

Tej Kohli brings many exciting news and impact of this to upcoming market .
Tej Kohli reveals some fact about Yahoo and Google Deals.
Its news not only imaging everybody but can make little bit confuse to everybody, Now yahoo on 12 June announced that he is now going to out source some search-related advertising sales to Google. Some experts say that be matter of near about $800 million annual revenue task that produce $250 to $300 incremental operating cash flow in upcoming one year period .
This deals includes facts yahoo now showing ads that will be provided by Google alongside with Yahoo search results which incisive all yahoo web portals and other websites of yahoo. In the proposal regional areas which are affected with this deals are US and Canada . That means now will show Google and other third parties ads and own Panama marketplace.
Yahoo CEO Yang showing happiness with these words “Clearly, it is time to move on,” after the conference with the investors of Yahoo especially because talks with Microsoft had terminated. Company also agreed upon to allow to 3.5 moths delay for this to give time US Department of Justice to review this proposal.
According to terms and condition supplied by both side to revise that Yahoo to run Google Adsense and Adsense for Content services after the internally paid search and search results . Yahoo also agreed to supplied this ads to Yahoo web properties and other partner websites.
With the inclusive of 4 year initial term this agreement will be go ups for upcoming ten years and two years renewals at Yahoo option .This deals affect only Canada and US based search results. Advertiser will continue to pay directly for Yahoo and Panama clicks as well as Google directly on Google paid search results .Google have to pay Yahoo for acquisition. This deals also include that either party terminate in the events of a change of control of either party but also include that if yahoo terminate this deals then yahoo have to pay $250 million ad well as 50% revenues generated by Yahoo. Also included in the deal are interoperability of the instant messaging services of the two companies. The deal may add 800 million U.S. dollars a year to sales, California-based Yahoo said in a statement.
Separate statements from Microsoft and Yahoo signaled a more permanent rift between the two after months of on-again, off-again talks. It also heightened pressure on Yahoo to outline an alternative strategy.
In after hours trading, Yahoo shares have rebounded 46 cents, to $23.98. The stock had declined $2.63 in the regular session. Google, which rose $7.75 in the regular session, is up $1.05, to $554, in late trading.
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