Monday, July 28, 2008

Google ranking Technologies

Tej Kohli using Google on daily basis and find it’s very amazing and to get desired results about queries whiten in the search box . According to Tej Kohli knowing Google and its very technologies is very difficult and moreover Google officials and Techniques also unable to define and said that its be machine work to fetch out results we are just implementing algorithms.
May 2008 , Udi Manber making an search quality group for checking the search results quality as well checking ‘Core Rankings ‘ and international searches quality . Basically according to Google officials, Google rakings is a collection of Algorithms which is used for returning most relevant documents for a user query. Each day Google have to serve near about hundreds of million quires for billion of Billion pages and algorithms runs for each query . Same algorithms also used in other Google services and images , News , YouTube , Maps , Product , Book Search and many other services .But Google official asked that , Google algorithms are nothing but try to find out locally relevant search results searched globally, keeping simple and no manual intervention in these process . We are working on ‘no query left behind “principal for proving most relevant results to the query. While we return lass than ideals results for any query in any languages in any country and then it’s used as base for further improvements. Google system architecture work upon making this process very simple. Also when user had quarried in various languages. Also Google concentrate its mind over making the process simple without compromising quality. This is an ongoing process and making changes every week with some big consideration in launching every change. But engineer approach for understanding why page get ranked and its appropriateness for query.
But sometimes situation arises when user came up with "Does Google manually edit its results?". But Google official denied for any manual listing and said it’s just be Google algorithms that gives us desired results according to query but its be true that we are analyzing websites structure , linking as well as other human work on various websites to make new algorithms . Google strictly working upon subjective listing and against manual listing adjustment. While we are making and underlying algorithms we are concentrating our mind over all aspects like languages and other issue and then make changes in entire class. Google official added “I should add, however, that there are clear written policies for websites recommended by Google, and we do take action on sites that are in violation of our policies or for a small number of other reasons (e.g. legal requirements, child porn, viruses/malware, etc).”The core technology come from academic filed of Information retrieval (IR). IR community searched studied that topic over 50 years. . It uses statistical signals of word salience, like word frequency, to rank pages , its give solid foundation for making tremendous system by using links , page structure and other such innovation .Internet searches rapidly growing as well as search results are also increasing proportionally. User expectations and search domain also increased . Google work hard to fetch desired results from the huge data which are available on Internet. Google change its algorithms because of new technologies and new components came which must be searchable and readable by search engine crawler. We have to know some before goings into depth we have to know some terms
• Pages: Google official told that they invested much pages for crawling and indexing. Google preferred size and freshness of pages and make algorithm according to that. Google is very keen to understand page association and important concept page contain. Example Google noticed official homepage for Sprovieri Gallery in London for the Italian query [galleria sprovieri londra], even though the official page does not have either London or Londra on it. In the U.S., a user searching for [cool tech pc vancouver, wa] finds the homepage even though the page does not mention anywhere that they are in Vancouver, WA. Gooogle Google developed include distinctions between important and less important words in the page and the freshness of the information on the page.
• Queries: Google said the its seems decisive to understand what users are looking for (beyond just the few words in their query). Google made several notable advances in this area including a best-in-class spelling suggestion system, an advanced synonyms system, and a very strong concept analysis system.
While user search something , he uses spelling suggestion system . Some times user searching for [kofee annan] is really searching for Mr. Kofi Annan, and is prompted: Did you mean: kofi annan; but sometimes user searching for [kofee beans] is actually looking for coffee beans. Its hard to make this internationally with very high accuracy but Google do well.
Google also using Synonyms for understanding user query which seems hard but Google had solved it . For manually its be possible but for computer processing its needs time and algorithms .When user doesn’t know exact words or even Synonyms wchih Google used in Synonyms for this case Google can do sophisticated query modifications. Like 'Dr' in the query [Dr Zhivago] stands for Doctor whereas in [Rodeo Dr] it means Drive. A user looking for [back bumper repair] gets results about rear bumper repair. For [Ramstein ab], we automatically look for Ramstein Air Base; for the query query [b&b ab] we search for Bed and Breakfasts in Alberta, Canada. Google had developed such system for near about hundred different languages. Identification is also best practice which Google often used which returns with some relevant results .Like that in the query [new york times square church] the user is looking for the well-known church in Times Square and not for articles from the New York Times. Google further enhance the query with the right concepts when, for illustration, someone looking for [PC and its impact on people] is in fact looking for impact of computers on society, or someone who searches for [rainforest instructional activities for vocabulary] is really looking for rain forest lesson plans. Google query analysis algorithms have many such state-of-the-art techniques built into them, to meet internationally in almost every language .
• Users Perspective: Google work hard to know what user want and return relevant results which starts from world class localization system with some advanced personalization technology and other great great strides for getting user intent for making universal search .
Google work on ideology “best locally relevant results served globally" which can be reflected in Google work on localization. User get different results according to different geographical location for same query .Like for US user ‘Bank’ query returns American banks where is UK its returns Bank Fashion line or for British financial institutions while in other countries its retunes financial institutions in other English speaking countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa. Other example is [Côte d'Or] is a geographic region in France - but it is a large chocolate manufacturer in neighboring French-speaking Belgium; and yes.
Another most important factor which Google consider Personalization which makes some results for some individuals . Like user logging make some difference into search results according to user profile and user preference. Like one user profile get results football related results and other will get baseball results for same ‘Sports Events’ query according to personalized results .Such that if you prefer particular website for purchasing you will get same site while you are searching products .An example the query [chevrolet magnum]. Magnum is actually made by Dodge and not Chevrolet. So we present the results for Dodge Magnum with the prompt See results for: dodge magnum in our result set.

Google work on Universal Search is best example to know user intent before making search results. Google also made Cross Language Information Retrieval (CLIR) . which first search information in other languages and then Google translation technology make it accessible to user who fired query .That know as “ give me what I want in any language” like some one looking for Tony Blair's biography in Russia who types the query in Russian [Тони Блэр биография] is prompted at the bottom of our results to search the English web with like that Disney movie songs in Egypt with the query [أغاني أفلام ديزني] is prompted to search the English web. Google very excited about CLIR as it truly brings us closer to our mission to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.
That be Google state-of-the-art technology which also used for making rankings systems for making “problem had solved “.But on the other hand Google also realize that some queries don’t give desired results and work further for making its possible user get every word to be return back with results. Many other technology and algorithm still under construction for making Google to be get back with relevant results

Monday, July 21, 2008

MOKO First Mobile Social Network

Tej Kohli having strong beliefs that social community making new area for sharing love and fun . Now with the introduction of MOKO social network Tej kohli feels that everyone now have new zone for all stuffs.
That be a good news for whole Internet Community who are wishing all the facilities on mobile. It be a revolutionary step and almost whole world now praising for this new achievements. A Moko online service which is basically an invention of Loop Mobile is the world first social networking sites can be available on both Mobile and online. Few years ago Loop had launched MOKO for mobiles and had integrated across 3 Mobiles networks in Australia and UK.
On the beginning face it have live chat, Profile creation, photo sharing and video uploading capabilities. MOKO mobiles and new online section have integrated to provide more functionality to user on any platform which is not available in another community building website.
“It’s quite a big development; there aren’t social networking sites where all the functionality is available across both devices,” said Loop Mobile CEO Martin Hoffman.
“Usually, the mobile service is just an add-on to what is normally a PC-centric experience, but we’ve built everything to be equally accessible across both platforms.”
Cross platform capabilities makes its very popular as well as easy to use Hoffman wgi told to media that near about 92 percent use both online and mobile for accessing.
Although online version of this website is absolutely free for all users but mobile version paid through carriers in one flat fee that covers both the MOKO subscription and data usage. For future plan Hoffman told that user will experienced with paid online version which have new added feature like private chat , gift selection and sending . Also company looking its expansion to other countries .

“The main focus for us is to continue to grow online and work in other countries and work with other mobile phone carriers,” he said.

“We have strong bases in Australia, the US, and the UK, but now we really want to branch out to regions in southern Asia.” . Perth mobile network provider and AdultShop spin-off Loop Mobile launched its mobile social community two month earlier than its predication. The move came as the company signed a deal with US-based 3G mobile networks Helio – which recently merged with Virgin Mobile USA – enabling its users to access the MOKO network. Shares in the company were unchanged at 5¢ at 9.55am. Officials of Loop Mobile also announced launch of MOKO in USA which have own 3G Mobile network Helio, . In future its have own carrier network which connect United kingdom to North America,. MOKO mobli now live on the Helio mobile web “Surf & Search”. Helio is famous 3G mobile service operator in US . “This announcement reflects a strategic cultural fit for the community,” said Martin Hoffman, Loop’s CEO. That’s be great for whole world making online community and share your ideas , fun , love , chat , images , videos with other . Its be great enhancement and achievement for all online community and adventures seeker . Providing new space by mobile for making friends and community . Orkut and Facbook and many other online community are became popular now the people across that world having profile on such social community. MOKO brings new space in Mobil world and revolution.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Google Protocol Buffers

Tej Kohli always discuss technology and enhancement which gives new roadmap and makes a substantial path for moving forward . Tej Kohli recently noticed Technology enhancement offered by Google , Suddenly find that Google now offer Protocol Buffer which having many advantages over XML and might be goggle replaced XML soon in each application , because of its simplicity and fast robustness.
Its might be possible that Google soon replaced XML use and replaced with its Protocol Buffer . Google had announced an open project for a data interchange format called Protocol Buffers. Its work well with different wide range of data format with faster speed and planned own XML application to shipped to Protocol Buffer. Since used XML as a lingua franca to send messages between its different servers, but it is very complicated , because os XML creates large files and makes application slow. Kenton Varda of Google's Software Engineering Team makes remarks over its use and told that “best alternative for exchanging data over network or storing it onto hard drive, its compactness which not in XML and easiness . Imakes developer feel free to use it.
Protocol Buffer allow to define simple data structures in a special definition language, then compile them to produce classes to represent those structures in the language of your choice.These classes come complete with heavily-optimized code to parse and serialize your message in an extremely compact format. Best of all, the classes are easy to use: each field has simple "get" and "set" methods, and once you're ready, serializing the whole thing to--or parsing it from--a byte array or an I/O stream just takes a single method call.
Matt Cutts, remarks that “ Protocol Buffers automatically generates Java, Python, or C++ code: “Basically it’s a compact way for encoding data into binary format . Programmer just right simple description of a protocol or structured data and Google code regenerate a class in C++ , Java or even Python to read, write, and parse the protocol. By the use of this protocol data can be stored in Hard Drive , sent to network and used in very tricky way . This software available with Apache Software License 2.0.
Google had also work over standardize XML compression which make application little bit faster but new invention make more faster than before.
Protocol Buffers
• are simpler
• are 3 to 10 times smaller
• are 20 to 100 times faster
• are less ambiguous
• generate data access classes that are easier to use programmatically
An example, also from the Developer Guide:
let's say you want to model a person with a name and an email. In XML, you need to do:

John Doe

while the corresponding protocol buffer message definition (in protocol buffer text format) is:
person {
name = "John Doe"
email = ""
In binary format, this message would probably be 28 bytes long and take around 100-200 nanoseconds to parse. The XML version is at least 69 bytes (if you remove white space) and would take around 5,000-10,000 nanoseconds to parse.

Upon a little further reading, here's what Protocol Buffers offer:
- the message itself is a nicely compact definition of names and values
- the "proto" file defines what you expect to see in the message
- the proto is used to autogenerate parsing code in several languages (Java, C++, Python), with methods for get, set, et al.
- the autogenerated parser turns the message into a well-defined object or class
- after parsing, the data in the message is very easily accessed and manipulated
The Google developers don't assert that this is a "replacement" for XML. It's just a better data carrier in many situations. The things that XML claims to be good at are still accomplished best with XML:
- XML is better for describing a text-based document with markup, whereas PB doesn't easily interleave structure with text
- XML is human-readable, and human-editable, whereas PB is squished into binary
- XML is self-describing, whereas PB relies on a proto file to describe the content of a message
What further enhancement be expected from Google , imagine that seems like bullish. But every one have to appreciate Google to moving web technology into next generation. Google is now big giant in Search engine and now sharing near about 60percent of total.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tej Kohli Congratulate Firefox

Tej kohli want to congratulate Firefox for its record breaking downloads during the month June 2008 . Tej Kohli told “ Its be amazing yet another time Firefox made a history where in the market Internet Exploring dominate in web browsing , Firefox give challenge and new milestone to Internet Explorer to achieve”.
Firefox which is best known for his browser Mozila and now booming in the market because of its many plug-ins and available tools, last moth it made a record breaking history and officially announced for informing to Guinness world record for largest record breaking number of downloads in with in 24-hours.Firefox official also announced that during the month June 8,002,530 downloads took placed which now be a mile stone in software downloads history."The enthusiasm and creativity of Firefox fans was key to making this happen," said marketing head Paul Kim. Gareth Deaves of Guinness World Records called it "an extremely impressive accomplishment".
The logs was official audited before announcement and checked to ensure that no duplicates and unfinished downloads was not counted in the record breaking figure.
Mr Kim told the BBC News: "The notion of going for a world record, as... nutty as it may have sounded, was a really sticky idea.
"It was an idea that translated really well across national borders and to all different kinds of people around the world." Marketing manger party after Guinness World Records in London announcement next week.
"Here at Mozilla headquarters (in Mountain View) I think most of us are just going to try and get to bed early now that we have the confirmation. We are all tired."
While Firefox was launched some security agencies put question regarding the how safe Mozila for Internet community .After five hours , , DV Labs/Tipping Point that its be harm to clich on booby-trapped link. Then Mr Kim told Firefox user are safe and announced for updated version soon. While user downloading this sever also checked whether user already have latest version or not .Once they were all up and running the clock started counting down. On the busiest mode server had handled near about 9,000 downloads per minute . Within five hours the number of downloads for Version 3.0 exceeded the 1.6 million set by Firefox 2.0 in October 2006
That be right for Mozila official person while he was fighting with Internet Explorer , Firefox starts war and try to remove monopoly over that issue also Mozila is on no 1 position while software updates are concerns . More and more community are attached with Firefox for helping upgrading Mozila .
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Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Tej Kohli gives latest updates from Internet market and now find that now a days where we running our system in highly secure environment, we have also check out for latest software updates like browser. Tej Kohli short study about Internet Brower and their latest version and uses.
Most of the Internet researcher and experts such that Zurich , Google , IBM are unanimous that like any medicine software must have instruction to use with proper expiry date. Some famous and well-known personal like Stefan Frei and Martin May of the Computer Engineering and Networks Laboratory at ETH Zurich, Thomas Dubendorfer of Google Switzerland, and Gunter Ollmann of IBM (NYSE: IBM) are said that worldwide near about 637 million (42.5%) Internet surfer out of 1.4 billion using net on high risk due to old browser version. They are in believe that software must have labeled like ‘Best Before ‘ date which enable to user to get fresh and updated version of software . They are also agree that a such community must be exist in the world who informed that your software expired and need to be update and must have latest collection of new software with guidelines .According to study new and new malware targeting web browser and can affect not only user data but also affect network .Since 2000 when remote access came into existence , the possibility of such malware can harm computer .According to study it find that Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 2, Safari 3, and Opera 9 -- Firefox 2 is the most secure .
Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) Internet Explorer 7 which share 47.65 share of market find secure for net browsing , Fireox 2 is moist secure browser , because 83.35 using the current version , second third and forth no occupied by Apple safari 3 which 65.35 user using current version .
Since October 2006 when the IE 7 was launch , takes 19 months to be common use , which is mostly used browser . In such time 92.2% Firefox user now use FF2.The study further states that , after the release of Safari 3 60% user had upgraded within three months .Because of "Apple's controversial inclusion of the new Web browser in the auto-updates of other popular Apple software products." In March, Mozilla CEO John Lilly said Apple's decision to make its Safari Web browser available to Windows users by default "borders on malware distribution practices."
Some researcher define most secure Web browser as "the latest official public release of a vendor's Web browser at a given date." In this Beta version is not included . But it also be true that malware creator target mostly used browser which is off course Internet Explorer that share 78.3 5 global marjet from Feb to Jun 2008 instead of Opera which is used now 0.8% around the world . Because the idea behind that more and more people gets affected with malware so malware community target mostly used browser user.But in particle its not be true because all the web browser using same underlying technology such that Flash and other Add-Ons . Along similar lines, the study cites research by computer security firm Secunia that indicates some 21.7% of all QuickTime 7 installations are out of date. Thus, having the most current version of one's favorite Web browser may not help if one's other software is outdated.