Friday, December 24, 2010

Tej Kohli Talks About Google's Holiday Doodle

Thursday morning, Google released their holiday greeting doodle which consists of 17 individual interactive images replacing the letters of original Google logo. Tej Kohli gives a detailed overview of this new doodle and its significance.

On opening the Google's homepage today, you will see portraits of scenes around the world. If you click on the first image you are taken to a Google search on St. Basil's Cathedral in Russia and as you saunter through the digital photos, you will be taken on delightful journey to the Great Wall of China, the Sahara Desert, Venice Gondolas ending with “up on the housetop”, a secular Santa Song written by Benjamin Hanby in 1864. Tej Kohli found this doodle concept amazingly attractive and interesting.

Just like the Google September bouncing ball logo, Tej Kohli is speculating a secret hidden message in this logo as well. If you look at the logo carefully, you may notice the blocks roughly arranged to from the word Google. You may also notice that the order of portraits' colors are also in sync with the colors of letters in the original logo i.e. blue, red, yellow, blue green and red.

The logo has been designed by Michael Lopez who has been working on this year's holiday doodle since July, with other four artists who collectively took 250 hours to complete this logo.

In a statement to the Wall Street Journal he said, "We want to end the year with a bang." and Tej Kohli thinks they have indeed done it.

The initial idea was to display the doodle in installments but then they decided that it would be best to out them all together. The logo will be on display till the Christmas.

Looking back at all the doodle's Google has released this year, it wouldn't be wrong to say that this indeed has has been a creative year. From birthdays, holidays and interactive video games, Google has left no stone unturned to reflect its creative streak. Let's see now what they have for the users in the year ahead.

Tej Kohli's this year favorite doodle was the Pacman game, what was yours?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tej Kohli News - YSP-2200 Digital Sound Projector debuts with HDMI 1.4a

Tej Kohli talks about the $1000 YSP-2200 Digital Sound Projector debuts with HDMI 1.4a

It been a short time since Yamaha launched its brand new Digital Sound Projector, but with 3D trying its level best to capture the home entertainment market, there is hardly a better time for the YSP range to re-enter the market. Unveiled shorty before CES, the YSP 2200 is one of the outfits sleeker s sound bars at 3.5 inchess tall, featuring 16 speaker beam drivers, faux 7.1 surround sound, 11 cinema DSP programs and full internal decoding of DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD. Apart from this, there is also a foursome of HDMI 1.4a inputs aside from a single output, all of which are totally capable of handling 3D Blu-ray content. Tej Kohli has remained a loyal supporter of the YSP range ever since he first saw its performance at CEDIA 2008. The device is priced at $999.95.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tej Kohli News - Its Android for Men and iOs for the Ladies, says a survey!

Tej Kohli came across survey which revealed some surprising things. If a recent study is to be believed, women are more likely to purchase an iPhone as their next smartphone, while men are more inclined to Android devices. Read this amazing piece of news at Tej Kohli Blog.

According to the data collected in October 2010, about 31 percent ladies said they would want to buy an Apple iOS device next, followed by 22.8 percent women who are interested in purchasing a Google Android Device. On the other hand, 32.6 percent of the men were more keen to buy an Android phone, while 28.6 percent longed for an iOS gadget.

As far as the market share is concerned, iPhones and Blackberrys are in a statistical dead heat with each claiming more than 27 percent of the smartphone OS pie. Android phones followed closely with 22 percent and Microsoft windows mobile with 14 percent. Symbian, Linux and Palm systems has a less than 8 percent of collective share.

But looking at the future, perhaps the strongest indicator is the classification of 'next desired smartphone purchase'. Most people votes for Android and iOS with 35 percent and 28 percent of the people checking those options. Merely 13 percent wanted their next smartphone to be RIM Blackberry, followed by windows mobile with 6 percent of the overall votes.

The most preferred choice in every age range, except 35 to 54 years old was Apple iOS. This aforesaid age group more people preferred upgrading to Android over iOS.

The survey also found out that 29.7 percent of the American cell phone users own a smartphone now. This is the highest recorded figure until now.

Two other different surveys conducted earlier this month said Android was installed in approximately 44 percent of the smartphones used in the US, followed by Apple and RIM. Another claimed Android was the fastest-growing OS in the smartphone market.
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tej Kohli Reviews the New Macbook Air by Apple

Tej Kohli says that the new Macbook Air has the feel of an iPad in the laptop casing.

Some of the most outstanding advantages of using apple iPad tablet are that it starts in a flash, resumes where you left off and has long battery life to keep you going for hours, and last but not the least it can do many things for which we use laptops.

But imagine an actual laptop with all these features. A laptop which can do all this more! And imagine if it was almost as portable and light weight as an iPad? Well, imagine no more because on Apple's new Macbook Air, you can do just that!

Launched only a week back and priced at a mere $999, Macbook Air is a visually stunning cousin of the iPad. Available in two sizes, the base model has an 11.6 inch screen and weighs only 2.3 pounds the larger model starts at $1,299 , features a 13.3 inch screen and weighs 2.9 pounds.

Tej Kohli has been testing the former model and finds that regardless of a few drawbacks, they do offer a more or less iPad like feel. Battery life is quite strong, and wakes up from the sleep almost instantly.

Like the previous Air range laptops, these are strikingly beautiful, sleek and light, but very strong aluminum laptops. They use Flash Chips instead of hard drives. Also, Apple has engineered these laptops, adding a longer “standby” period which only takes a few seconds.

While these are only the few of a many changes Apple plans to make its laptops act more like an iPad or iPhone, whilst maintaining their greater power and more traditional keyboards, touch-pads and mice, along with the ability to run conventional programs.

For example, Apple has announced to soon launch an “app store” for the Mac, which would enable easy search and downloading for Macs. Besides, it will also debut it next Mac OS, Lion, next summer, a sysm of apps icon screens, which you can flick through with a multitouch touchpad.

Under real life circumstances, the battery for 11 inch model lasted 4 hours and 43 minutes, against apple's claim of up to 5 hours. The the battery of 13-inch model lasted 6 hours and 13 minutes, versus Apple's claim of up to 7 hours.

Unlike many netbooks, the new Mac Air laptops have high screen resolution, thus enabling you to fit more material into a relatively small space.

However, if you are looking for some robust machines, the new Airs might not be your best choice. They use last generation Intel processors with only 3 gigabytes of memory in the base models and storage space is also well below typical hard-disk capacities. While the 11inch model has a meager 64 GB storage, the 13-inch models starts at 128 GB with higher end model offering just 256 GB of storage. What's more, you cannot expand your storage or memory once you've chosen your initial specifications.

Also, like its predecessors, these two don't have a DVD drive and an Ethernet port. However, apple sells and External drive for $79 and an Ethernet Adapter for $29, but his can raise your budget pretty much. It also lacks HDMI ports that enable users to connect their laptops to Televisions. Furthermore, the keyboards are not back lit, but they do have two USB ports instead of one in the older models.
In a nutshell, Apple has done a commendable job in making these new Macbooks similar to iPads without compromising on their ability to work like regular laptops.
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Toshiba Flaunts Glasses-less 3D TVs

Toshiba unveiled two 3D TVs today that offers 3D viewing experience without special glasses. Tej Kohli blog shares the latest buzz.

The Regza 20GL1 is a 20-inch flat-panel display with 1,280x720 resolution. The Regza 12GL1 is a 12-inch flat-panel display with 466x350 resolution. Toshiba unveiled the two models to coincide with this week's Ceatec electronics show near Tokyo.

Toshiba claims that its 3D technology, which is currently best-suited for small displays, provides "nine different perspectives of each single 2D frame." The company added that those perspectives are then "superimposed" by the viewer's brain "to create a three-dimensional impression of the image."

The 3D effect is available within a 40-degree area in front of the set, Toshiba said. According to the Associated Press, viewers must also sit two feet from the 12-inch LCD and three feet from the 20-inch LCD to view 3D content.

The new LCDs are "first step into the 3D future in the consumer home cinema market," Toshiba European marketing chief Sascha Lange said in a statement. "But it will take several years to develop larger 3D TVs without glasses with screen sizes of 40 inches and more at a yet reasonable price point."

The possibility of viewing 3D content sans glasses is something that many consumers will welcome, though.

Last month, a survey about 3D TVs showed that 30 percent of people don't like the need to wear special glasses to view 3D content.

Although Toshiba is trying to make its name in the glasses-free arena, the company is already a player in the 3D TV market. It currently sells the WX800 line of 3D TVs. Both the 46- and 55-inch models of the WX800 require glasses.

Toshiba's 20GL1 and 12GL1, which switch from 3D to 2D mode, are scheduled to be released in Japan later this year. They will retail for about $2,900 and $1,400, respectively. The company has not announced plans for availability outside of Japan.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bing Surpasses Yahoo in Search!

Tej Kohli congratulates Bing on beating Yahoo! in the US internet search.

In round one of the battle of the search engines, “Bing” defeated “Yahoo”, marking a historic win!
Bing's bounce over Yahoo in the US search volume should not come as a surprise to anyone who has been following the horse race, but it is a iconic milestone for a small search engine whose major directive is to grab some of the Google's advertising pie.
Throwing Yahoo out of the way, Bing's dream of giving a real competition to Google becomes a little less far-fetched. Bing, together with windows Live and MSN now have 13.9 percent share of all search queries. While Yahoo's share fell to 13.1%, Google still rules the roost with whopping 65.1% share. However, by other metrics, Bing is still at the third position.
Eventually though, the competition is only interesting in the way it inspires competitors to come up with new features and services. The battle between Google and Bingo will play out in three venues:

Basic Search

The recent launch of Google Instant tool by Google, which shows and alters search results as you type, is one example of how search engines will try to trump one another in order to make themselves stand out. The ultimate search results are somewhat same when separated from their interfaces, but there no mistaking Google from the pack now. Whether bingo will follow the footsteps of Google or will do something innovative on its own, is yet to be seen!

Extra Features

It's a pain to use different search engines for different services, hence, it falls upon Google and Bingo to develop the most attractive all-encompassing service that include maps, images and other things apart from the traditional search. Of late, Google has strengthened its real-time search engine to pull better results from Facebook and Twitter. Likewise, Bing has introduced streaming music, games and movie information to its search results. Recently, Bing also updated its Maps to include Cab fare calculator and support for OpenStreetMap.


Google has a strong foothold when it comes to mobile searches, since it's a default search engine for iPhone and of course Android. But Bing might get a boost with the launch of Windows Phone 7, along with the Bing's iphone and Android apps. Besides this, the compulsory use of Bing in the Verizon's latest Fascinate phone might not be received well by Google fans, but it will give Bing another helping hand, although forcibly.
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Monday, September 6, 2010

Buzz Lawsuit to cost google $8.5 million

Tej Kohli IT updates...

Google agrees to Pay $8.5m to settle a Lawsuit brought over their social networking tool Buzz.

Launched in February this year, Buzz automatically enrolled all Gmail users into a social network based around their contacts.

Initially, the service didn't receive any good reviews due to users having little control over who could see or not see their network of contacts.

Many Gmail users took google to court over Buzz claiming that the network violated their privacy.

The lumpsum is at the centre of Google proposed settlement of the legal case, out of which 30% will cover the cost of legal fee , the seven Gmail users who filed the lawsuit will get $2,500 each and the remained will be split among organizations that promote online privacy.

The settlement also requires Google to do more to educate people about the privacy aspects of Buzz. The settlement has yet to win approval from the federal judge overseeing the case.

The initial rash of complaints about Buzz forced Google to bring in changes that made it an opt-in service and gave users control over who they maintain contact with.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Toshiba Laptop Adapters Catching Fire

Tej Kohli warns Toshiba laptop users to make sure their laptops are not prone to overheating.

Toshiba and US and Canadian consumer watchdogs are recalling three laptop models after receiving reports that people have been burned by the AC adapters.

Tosh said about 41,000 machines had the fault, which can cause the plug-in AC adapter to overheat.

The company has received 129 reports of overheating causing the plastic case to deform. These included two reports of minor injury and two of minor property damage.

The faulty models are Toshiba Satellite T135, Satellite T135D and Satellite Pro T130 sold between August 2009 and August 2010.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

A review of Gmail Calling Feature by Tej Kohli

Tej Kohli brings you the first impressions of the latest Google Gmail Calls feature...

A few days ago, Google introduced the feature of making phone calls to mobile phones and landlines directly from your Gmail inbox. In order to use the feature, first you must be a google user, and second, you must be signed into your Gmail account. Plus, it also requires you to to download and install the voice and video browser Plugin, which allow users to carry out voice and video chats from gmail.
However you will; not find this feature instantly as you login to your gmail account as it is somewhat burired in the Gmail Chat Feature poistioned on the left side of inbox. Look for a tiny phone icon, and click on it to open a dialer.

Like most Google services, this utility too has a pretty bland interface. At the top of the dialer, there are two tabs – the first is for the dialer itself, and the second is a small clock, which reveals your call history on clicking. Those who have a Google voice number, that history too will be included in the calling history list, including calls made from the Google Voice Android application. So, anyone who receives a call from you will see your Google voice number on their screen. However, Google voice is not a prerequisite for Gmail calling feature to work.
Thanks to the ease of this ability, dialing numbers is a cakewalk. You can dial a number using your mouse or the number keys on the keyboard. Alternatively, you can search contacts by typing names as well. The dialer will automatically sort through your contact list as you types and offer suggestions instantly. Once you've typed or found the desired number, press the Call button at the bottom of the screen.

The feature is swift and the calls connect pretty quickly. This feature runs on VOIP technology, and can be used to call on physical phone numbers. Calls are clear and works just fine even with a laptop's bulit in speaker and microphone. However, if you want to make calls more private, you can attach a headset to the machine.

As far as the call quality is concerned, it was at par with average VoIP standards. The voice quality was somewhat subdued and digital sounding. Many people I called noticed that my voice was echoing.

At present, it allow users to make free calls to the U.S and Canadian numbers, in addition to offering substantially low call rates to other countries. Use Google check-out to purchase credits for international calls. Once the call has ended, the remaining credits will be showed in dollar amounts across the top of the dialer, so you know when you need to recharge your account.

Is Skype better than this service? In many aspects, Yes! First, Skype is a household name. Secondly, it is available on most computing platforms including the latest smartphones. Furthermore, Skype offers free Skype-to-Skype calling from/to anywhere, while Google calling only works from the U.S, at least for now.

While there is no doubt this feature has a lot of room for improvement, seeing the goodwill Google has built over years now, this product will soon become a hit.
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Monday, August 16, 2010

Tej Kohli reviews Samsung Epic 4G (Sprint)

Tej Kohli Samsung Epic 4G (Sprint) Review:

Pros: The size is great. The screen is amazing. The viewing angle is like none other. Everything else is very similar to the Samsung Moment just longer. Great phone.

Cons: With the Qwerty key board it makes the phone feel thick unlike the Hero touch feels very thin in the users hand. Nothing else but the same as always. Want a bigger screen with a smaller feel.

Summary: Everyone knows the "new" stuff is always great to have and this phone is one of them. I don't care about the upfront cost as much as I do the service plan. Choosing a provider is like asking a person which car is better. We all have likes and dis-likes. I LOVE SPRINT all you can use for $99.00. If you live in an area that has REAL 4G there unlike Verizon, T-Mobile, etc... I use my phone for everything and kill battery after battery with Sprint because I can. There is NO limit of time and usage for any data plan because they are all covered in this price. Can't go wrong with the plan unless $99.00 is out of your budget.
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Courtesy CNET

Monday, August 9, 2010

Apple is ready with Patch for Iphone, iPad - Tej Kohli

Tej Kohli talks about the security flaws in the Apple'e iOS that powers iPads and iPhones...

Apple is secretly struggling with a security snag and how successfully the company tackles it could decide the speed at which hackers fasten attacks on iPhones and iPads.

Apple Inc. is hurriedly working to release a patch for a milestone security conundrum that makes it possible to remotely hack the iOS, the OS for iPod touch, iPhones and iPad.

Apple has confirmed the completion of the patch, but the date for its public release is undecided yet .

The remote hacking or jailbreaking refers to the hacking of iOS to download web apps not approved by Apple. Earlier, this used to be difficult but not anymore, thanks to the website called Only last week, the website published a technique for remote jailbreaking, which makes it possible to access the OS of someone else's iPhone or iPad.

The would get attackers almost total control of affected devices. For now, the most apparent concern for Apple has been the pranksters visiting Apple Stores and jailbreaking display models, which is an indicator of bigger problems related to security and privacy of Apple gadgets.

According to the security experts, the pattern that has come to rule the PC world to start to penetrate smartphones. The hackers continuously dig up new security snags in computers and utilize them to launch malicious attacks. The companies, in the meantime, devise patches to prevent such attacks.

The hackers are now increasingly adapting the same technique to jailbreak all smartphone platforms such as Windows Mobile, Google Android, RIM Blackberry, Symbian and Apple iOS.

The Apple's problem is, however, unique. The company has given ample importance to hiding the technical details of iOS, allowing only approved web apps to tie in. While this tight control initially helped to keep the iOS secure, but made it difficlut or anti-virus companies to develop third-party protection for iPhones. But now Apple may have to share its iOS coding with anti-virus vendors.

Seeing the current scenario, it is quite possible that hackers have already created a worm to take control of hacked iPhones and iPads, and unfortunately there is nothing users can do about it. Whereas, apple is aware of the danger but is keeping mum on the matter.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

iPhone users Hit with Collosal Roaming Charges

Okay! so here's a situation:  You return after a holiday abroad, and guess what awaits you at home? 

An unexpected large phone bill! Such was the plight of Apple iPhone users who have been hit by unexpected roaming charges when returning from holiday.

The mobile phone service providers across the UK are flooded with complaints from iPhone users who,despite claiming to have turned roaming services off before leaving for holiday abroad, have still incurred huge data charges whilst away.

Consumers have logged their complaints on the popular website, and since then, some service providers have begun refunding data roaming charges. While every sevice provider has received the complaints, but iPhone users on network career O2 have received maximum complaints.
The founder of, Martin Lewis, has asked users, who have already paid their bills to contact their mobile phone service provider immediately and demand refund. 

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

UK experiences shortage of Xbox 360

The launch of the redesigned Xbox 360 by Microsoft has caused a feverish demand in the UK leading to dearth of the console in all leading retail outlets.

Most of the stores are sold out, and one of the stockist even confessed that they has greatly underestimated the demand for the new console.

Additional consoles are expected to reach the retailers in a week or two, however none of the stores are booking pre-orders on the next shipment, which means that any new stock that comes will be sold on a first come first served basis.

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Facebook in Legal Soup Over Privacy Concerns

German officials have filed a lawsuit against Facebook for accessing and retaining personal data of those who don't use the site. Facebook can face fines of tens of thousands of euros under privacy laws. The popular social networking site has confirmed receiving a notice regarding lawsuit.

"We consider the saving of data from third parties, in this context, to be against data privacy laws," said Johannes Caspar, head of Hamburg's Data Protection Authority.

He said he had received a lot of complaints from people who had not registered on Facebook, but whose details had been added to the site by friends and relatives. He accused Facebook of saving personal information of non-members without their approval, to be used for marketing purposes.

Switzerland is also reported to be worried about the use of third-party data. Facebook has to reply to the legal complaint latest by august 11.

The California-based company told the BBC in an email that it was "currently reviewing (the complaint) and will readily respond to it within the given time frame".

"Millions of Germans come to Facebook each day to find their friends, share information with them and connect to the world around them," wrote spokesman Stefano Hessel.

Facebook has nearly 500 million users worldwide but according to figures by ComScore is only the fourth biggest social network in Germany.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Slim Xbox 360, priced at only $199 is confirmed for 'fall'

Tej Kohli IT Passion Blog brings a good news for Xbox lovers....

After witnessing an internal marketing Q & A with Microsoft, Kataku can confirm that the second slim Xbox 360 will be avaialable this fall for only $ 199 USD.

In addition, Microsoft declares that Kinect will be a standalone product, and also as a part of the bundle “with the newly designed Xbox 360 Console.”

Microsoft has not yet confirmed anything on the bundle pricing, saying : "We have no additional details about pricing or retail strategy to share at this time."

GameStop, the biggest video game retailer in the US has priced Kinect Bundles at $299, for the arcade model and $399 for the Elite bundle, but these prices are not confirmed and may change.

It is still not clear what will be stripped down in the $199 version, as the $299 model confirmed that E3 will not have a 150 GB HDD and built-in wireless features, including 802.11n support, the fastest Wi-Fi in any console.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Recent iPhone buyers getting refunds, upgrades from Apple

As iPhone 4 makes its way to the consumer market, Apple is cutting the price of iPhone 3GS in order to clear inventory.

So, if you're purchased an iPhone in the recent few weeks, the company is now matching the price, by paying back the amount of difference between the old price and the new price.

Alternatively, users can also upgrade their old phone to the new improved iPhone 4 in lieu of the refund. The policy is applicable for anyone who has purchased the older version after May 7.

Those with 16 GB handset will get a $50 credit and 32 GB owners will get a $100 refund.

However, anyone who bought the phone between May 7 to May 14 is running out of time, and will need to submit a request at the store they bought the device from by Monday the 14th.

If you want to trade in your old phone for the latest iPhone 4, the deal is simple unless you're expanding the storage capacity.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Will Microsoft be the next Numero Uno in Tablet PC market?

Microsoft is looking forward to increase its share in the tablet PC market like it did in netbooks as consumers demand a software that accommodates in the existing ecosystem, a senior executive said on Tuesday, despite the early dominance of Apple iPad in the market and news of strong Android competitors in the offing.

When Taiwan's Asustek first launched netbook PCs in 2007, they all ran on the lower-cost, open source Linux system, but Microsoft eventually took over this sector with more than 90 percent of all netbooks now powered by windows.

"Having watched this movie play before, there's some consistency in the themes," corporate vice-president for original equipment manufacturing Steve Guggenheimer told Reuters in an interview.

"You get a lot of noise, you get a lot of energy around the alternatives, but then when people start selling these machines, and it can't quite do what the consumers want, your printer doesn't work, retailers get returns, then that's when it's hard."

According to Gartner, a research firm, more than 10 million tablet PCs are expected to be sold in 2010, with users begining welcoming such gadgets with open arms, which include Apple iPad, Dell's coming soon Streak and Asustek's Eee Pad, which it introduced this week.

Microsoft also stated that it can see the sign of growth in corporate demand, with 45% of the chief IT officers it talked to are ready to getting ready to deploy its just out windows 7 system.

"We're starting to see that commercial refresh," Guggenheimer said. "There's really good energy on the commercial side, but it hasn't caught up with the level of the consumer yet."

All top computer brands are largely dependent on the demand by corporate sector, like Lenovo and Dell have said they are seeing signs of increasing corporate demand, as businesses still using decade old Windows XP upgrade their system.

As far as the Google's prospects with smart phone market are concerned, Guggenheimer remained skeptical, largely because Google's android system does not have a common platform that could intersect different mobile brands and manufacturers.

"When you write an app for Windows, it can immediately reach hundreds of millions of users," he said. "The challenge for Android is that (software developers) will need to have multiple versions for each individual phone."

Android is Google open-source OS for smartphones. Handset manufacturers like HTC and Samsung can do a little bit tweaking in to software to meet their own requirements.

Taking fourth place from Microsoft in the smartphone OS market in the first quarter of 2010, the Android system has put the company in good position as handsets look geared up to overtake PCs for internet surfing.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Some Bone Tickling IT toons by Tej Kohli

Life at a glance in IT industry ! Tej Kohli

For more interesting jokes and stories, check out these sites:

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Google Dons a New Look

If you have opened Google home page today, you may have realized that Google today looks different. Google has donned a new avatar, a new look. Undoubtedly, Google's new look is a lot better. Search giant Google is still one of the most used search engines in the world.

Google has attempted to make its logo more attractive by adding a new color scheme. The new logo has noticeably brighter hues of blue, red, yellow and green with less shadow effect the background. You can find all the search tools in the left panel. Google has always made an effort to provide its users enhanced tools to search their query. These changes reveal the latest developments in the Google's search technology. These latest and enhanced development makes the search results more accurate and to the point for users.

The newly introduced left hand navigation exhibits the most important search and refining tools for the query. According to the Google's official blog, “Over the past three years, we’ve launched Universal Search, the Search Options panel and Google Squared, and it’s those three technologies that power the left-hand panel.”

“The new design refreshes and streamlines the look, feel and functionality of Google, making it easier to pinpoint what you’re looking for. It’s powerful, yet simple. Today’s changes are the latest in our continuing efforts to evolve and improve Google. We’ve been testing these changes with users over the past few months, and what we’re launching today reflects the feedback we’ve received..

We want to ensure that the Google you use today is better than the one you used yesterday, and these latest changes open up many possibilities for future features and enhancements.”

Besides, Google is launching the mobile version for English interfaces in the US at the same time.

The changes were incorporated after the launch of Bing by Microsoft in June last year. Since then both the search titans haven't looked back. Recently, Bing has made a huge leap with 4% increase in its searches. Google, however, remains at the top slot taking a lion's share of 65%.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

IT Joke from a IITian Tej Kohli

Tej Kohli shares a hilarious IT joke -

A man was crossing a road one day when a frog called out to him and said, "If you kiss me, I'll turn into a beautiful princess." He bent over, picked up the frog, and put it in his pocket.

The frog spoke up again and said, "If you kiss me and turn me back into a beautiful princess, I will tell everyone how smart and brave you are and how you are my hero." The man took the frog out of his pocket, smiled at it, and returned it to his pocket.

The frog spoke up again and said, "If you kiss me and turn me back into a beautiful princess, I will be your loving companion for an entire week." The man took the frog out of his pocket, smiled at it, and returned it to his pocket.

The frog then cried out, "If you kiss me and turn me back into a princess, I'll stay with you for a year and do ANYTHING you want." Again the man took the frog out, smiled at it, and put it back into his pocket.

Finally, the frog asked, "What is the matter? I've told you I'm a beautiful princess, that I'll stay with you for a year and do anything you want. Why won't you kiss me?"

The man said, "Look, I'm a computer programmer. I don't have time for a girlfriend, but a talking frog is cool."

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