Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tej Kohli Foundation:
Ozone Projects in Dubai :-
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New HTML5 Features Roll Out :-
Google+… Worth all the hype?
Affordable Tech Gadgets Make Great Gifts :-
New Retail Website Uses Shopper Rewards to Benefit Charity :
Abu Dhabi Business Continues to Flourish :-
Dubai’s Property Market Overcomes Nearby Problems
Abu Dhabi Banks Boast Loan Growth Stronger Than Dubai:-
Dubai’s Leading Businessman Offers Positive Outlook for Abu Dhabi Development :-
Grand Music Concert :-
Tej Kohli Foundation Raises Corneal Transplant Awareness :-
Tej Kohli Foundation Applauds Affordable New Technology :-
Shopping for a Good Cause :-
Gender Inequality Worsens in India :-