Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tej Kohli blog & Blogging Rules

A Blog is a personal online diary or a journal where your thoughts, ideas, a news, personal feelings and/or projections etc are assimilated chronologically and viewed in an HTML browser and the freshest/newest information is seen on the top. To periodically blog is called Blogging & the reason to blog can be many
  • Market a product                                    
  • Give or receive comments/feedback
  • To have fun
  • Share news and information
You may want to share something you think, write what you feel, penning stray/random thoughts and well thought out posts and calibrated articles where you are engaged with a wider audience.
This audience is largely unknown and that it cuts across cast, color and geography and wield ‘influence’. The content of a personal blog can comprise of texts, pictures, videos or a mix of everything, depending upon what you have to share.
Why Blogging?
Creating and maintaining blogs is as easy as logging into your laptop or PC (personal computer). Influential people and laymen alike maintain a blog, which - are either written by themselves or by ghostwriters. Tej Kohli is a Costa Rica based international entrepreneur with commercial interest in (IT, digital property creation and real estate). Kohli is also a globe trotting traveller, a music/film lover plus an avid blogger. Kohli says, “Blogging is a passion and one needs to catch up with one’s passion once in a while. The objective primarily is to engage with people known to you and also to reach out to a wide audience.”

Blogging Trivia

Heard about Han? Han Who? This 30 year old Chinese blogger is the most popular blogger in the world and his personal blog has attracted 300 million plus hits till date. Han is a rally driver, singer and an online book publisher. He has also being named as the most influential person by TIME magazine, Newsweek and Brit magazine New Statesman in 2010.
Types of Blogs
  • Textual

  • Art blogs
  • Photoblogs
  • Video blogs or "vlogs"
  • MP3 blogs audio (podcasts)
  • Edublogs
TOP Blogs
  • The Huffington Post
  • TMZ
  • Business Insider
  • Engadget
  • Perez Hilton
  • TechCrunch
  • Mashable
Top Blogging platforms
  • Blogger (FREE)
  • Tumblr (FREE)
  • WordPress (FREE)
  • Posterous (FREE)
Pic source – businessweek,, Wikipedia 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Tej Kohli Ecommerce Trends 2012 - What Are Consumers Looking At?

People across the world know Tej kohli owned Grafix Softech engineer working hard to provides best solutions for shopping cart and e-commerce related services, but for keeping itself into the row needs some enhancement and news features which not easy to use but can be accordance to latest technologies
In one word it’s just about ‘satisfaction’ and ‘user experience’. If you have ever bought a product online and found the experience – right from the quality of the product, speedy delivery and payment gateways etc. satisfactory, the site you dealt with gets a Brownie point.

Picture this

  • Value of online sales since 2000 has increased from $5.7 billion to $49.9 billion (2006) in Canada.
  • The American eCommerce and Online Retail sales are expected to breach $226 billion in 2012.
  • China's e-commerce industry grew 45 percent YoY (year on year) to reach $44.5 billion worth transaction volume in 2011.
  • According to Forrester, India e-tailing market was $600 Million in 2011 and expected to reach $9 Billion by 2016 and $70 Billion by 2020.
What Costa Rica based entrepreneur really feels about the global technologies is that these updates are not introduces at just one shot but these are depends on past experience read Tej kohli full articles about this on talkbusinessmagazine .

Factors to Play Dominant Role in Future Ecommerce Transactions

According to a report commissioned by Google and executed by UPS/comScore combined certain factors would play a dominant role in shaping the eCommerce industry of the future.
  1. Discount and special schemes/ if any
  2. Online shopping experience and the ‘satisfaction’ factor
  3. Goods return policy or the lack of it (more than half consumers have returned goods at some point in time)
  4. Checkout (products) processes by consumers (large # of consumer check and leave sites without placing orders)
  5. Shipping services (delivery and timing)
  6. Retailer recommendation (+ positive consumer experience)
  7. Comparison Shopping (factors like product price and shipping charges are highly taken into consideration)
The research further elucidates a number of questions typically directed towards an avid online shopper or a wannabe online shopper is looking and questioning.

What Are You Looking At?

Octogenarian couple Jane and Ned Snowball of UK happens to be the first online shoppers. They ordered groceries from Tesco in 1984. After thirty years, marketers are asking relevant question in lieu with the present circumstances amidst an ongoing global IT boom.
An online consumer is asking particular questions like:-
  1. The most/least vital aspects of previous online shopping experiences?
  2. What are the factors that a user will return and/ or recommend a website?
  3. What factors a consumer is looking during the product check-out process?
  4. What all shipping services plus options an average consumer finds valuable the most?
  5. How are products being tracked and what kind of delivery services is being preferred by them?
  6. What entails consumers’ returns experiences and the returns process?
  7. How the overall online purchasing experience impacts an overall impression of a particular retailer?
Content and image reference – aldricharchive DOT com, comScore, freedigitalphotos dot net, 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tej Kohli Cisco Executes Streaming Strategy for Major Sports Events in Europe

Videoscape Media Processor Helped Million Viewers to Watch London Olympics Costa Rica - Cisco Technology will now help millions of subscribers from the European Broadcasting Union’s (EBU) to stream their favorite programme or a game in isolation. Viewers (selected regions) are expected to get unbridled access to videos of choices for FREE. What's new here is that this particular service renders high picture quality and it is legal. A paper report by the Guardian (UK) this week reads that 'television coverage of the London 2012 Olympics by almost 40 broadcasters across the European Union and Americas are attracting millions of users every day at eurovisionsports.' The technology leader has helped to create an integral part of the EBU's live streaming platform, Costa Rica based internet and business mogul
Mr. Tej Kohli saw the London games from his base and feels that the London Games belonged to the internet. Tej Kohli says, “There was an unprecedented demand to view of Olympics games online thus year.” The Guardian paper also mentioned that there were '925,000 requests to view Danny Boyle's Olympic Opening Ceremony on the BBC iPlayer'. According to an official note the European Broadcasting Union’s (EBU) actualized a mammoth like demand from from consumers and wanted to follow the action LIVE, with whatever device available, informed the EBU Network Director Graham Warren. He congratulated Cisco to facilitate the technology need and he said, “This (event) can represent a significant technological challenge as our systems need to adapt content to each endpoint and IP network to deliver a seamless, high-quality, live service.” Cisco's Media Processor, part of the Cisco Videoscape™ TV services delivery platform, to bring European viewers thousands of hours of live streamed coverage from the London 2012 Olympic Games. During the Games, more than 3,000 hours of EBU members' programming from live HD feeds were encoded in multiple bit rates for adaptive streaming on the site. Explore more to Join Tej kohli Linkedin network Image Source - eurovisionsports dot TV

Monday, May 14, 2012

Tej kohli LinkedIn, Monster acqistion new Story

Tej kohli LinkedIn brings real story

Few Days back there are big rumors in the market that LinkedIn official having to plan to buy monster . But now its clear after some confirmation form the official, Monster acquisition still not in our plans. LinkedIn having no such vision to buy any other job portal like monster and we never consider to buy its share from the market. The news was highlighted when few months back Monster's Bank of America bankers called LinkedIn and asked if LinkedIn execs would do a "courtesy call." They urged that "Hey can you give us a call so we can talk about this possible opportunity?" and LinkedIn execs said, "OK, we'll listen."
Some media sources like Reuters reported recorded trading in Monster share prices on Friday, the reason behind of this outselling is that LinkedIn and Silver Lake Partners showing their interest to buy this world famous job portal. on the other hand some other news sources said that higher trading doesn't mean that this news effect the investors , investors like to buy monster shares as usually, but sudden jumps into prices attract a number of investors. In the March Monster told to media persons that they are considers Stone Key Partners and Bank of America Merrill Lynch as a key makers for futures, even when they go to market to sell this. Well the Monster running two big job portal and which providing its services worldwide. Statical data worldwide shows share 23% online recruitment market which is less than the CareerBuilder share of 32% and bigger than LinkedIn of 16% . NASDAQ recorded 20.8% jump into the Monster share prices which is upto $1.63 per share price and now its share had reached to $9.37 on the other hand LinkedIn share prices down upto 2.4 % or $2.70 and and now its price $108.30. While a year back business oriented social networking website LinkedIn had raised $352 million by offering its public issue in the market. After words its express their views to buy some online job listing provider named Monster Worldwide Inc. , but right now the official refrain themselves for such idea . On the other hand private-equity firm Silver Lake Partners showing their much interest to buy Monster according to Reuters. So more news and updates stay tunes with tej-kohli costa rica It Passion news and updates