Thursday, June 20, 2013

Littmann Stethoscopes Supported by Cisco HealthPresence System

3M and Cisco Expand the Existing Array of Devices that Have Been Tested to Function with Cisco HealthPresence

SAN JOSE, Calif. and St. Paul, MN – September 13, 2012 —Cisco and 3M™ Littmann® together will work to provide better remote health care 24/7 by integrating high-definition video, third-party medical devices, collaboration tools and clinical applications. Cisco a global player in developing and supplying communications products, equipment and solutions, and 3M, announced that the 3M™ Littmann® Electronic Stethoscope Model 3200 has been tested and ready for use at the Cisco HealthPresence® system, an official press note says.
With the Integration of Littmann electronic stethoscopes with the Cisco HealthPresence system, now a remote consulting physician should be able to listen to the same heart and lung sounds that he/she would hear if conducting an in-person examination, demonstrating a significant leap in remote health care capabilities.

Cisco Foundation with 3M- How Doctors Benefit?

3M and Cisco have been working together, and have expanded its existing range of devices which have been tested at Cisco HealthPresence. Littmann stethoscopes are used by millions of doctors globally. The tie up further indicates that by providing an improvement in the remote delivery of
healthcare globally. Tej Kohli a Costa based internet and philanthropist who has been working in India and Costa Rica towards health care for the poor is excited about this development. “Remotely based clinicians should be able to take advantage of this new development.” Now doctors will not be required to visit a dedicated telemedicine room in order to connect to patients. Doctors can now talk to their patients by using better quality devices like Littmann stethoscopes on a laptop on the HealthPresence platform. You need to have an internet connection. The Remote "clinical examination" is now possible with the option of integrating with existing applications (clinical). The 3M™ Littmann® Stethoscopes will be available to customers later this year, the press note read. 
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