Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Blackberry with Live Chat

There is very good news for those people who are always looking for something new in Mobile technology. Mobile technology is upgrading now a days very rapidly and providing more facility to mobile users. So long awaited facility that everyone expected with Blackberry mobile is that Microsoft consumer mailing system as well as instant messaging system which will be available with Blackberry last of Summer. Microsoft and research in motion announced on 12 may 2008. What be reason behind that , experts says that that means
Blackberry want no more be only business messaging service and want some more popular services available with their mobile and on the other hand Microsoft also don’t want to be pack only with its windows mobile in its Mobile market strategy. Most popular products which be now in markets are Blackberry 7000 , Blackberry 8000 and Blackberry bold . Blackberry also proudly announced today that Windows Live services, which include both Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger. New phones will be shipped with the services, and users will be able to download them onto existing phones.
Everybody knows Blackberry as second name of business e-mail. But according to Microsoft officials “ Windows live search and instant messaging system and business mailing very popular on PC, We just want to expand its areas such that more and more user interact with these services either by PC or By Mobile phone that’s why We had already engaged with Blackberry with Live search earlier this autumn and now expanding area with facilitating Blackberry user with mailing and instant messaging “.
This is the third major distribution deal Microsoft has done for Hotmail and Messenger. Of course, it started by offering them on Windows Mobile phones, and then last year added a deal with Nokia to offer Hotmail and Messenger on Nokia Series 60 devices. Microsoft's now working on getting those services onto Nokia Series 40 devices as well.
"The market would expect us to put our services on the Windows Mobile platform, but we're serious about other platforms as well," Holden said. "There is not one mobile phone platform. There's a bigger fragmentation of suppliers out there than on the PC."
Despite the deal with RIM, people won't get Windows Live services without the approval of their carriers. Microsoft has about 140 carrier relationships around the world regarding Windows Live on mobile devices, including recent deals with Telefonica in Latin America and T-Mobile in Europe. Holden says to expect a number of additional deals in coming months. Last year, it became clear that AT&T had disabled Windows Live services on Palm Treo smartphones.
While Microsoft's early Live mobile services include a limited subset of Microsoft's larger array of Live offerings, including search, social networking, instant messaging, e-mail, and mobile content, the company hopes to expand its breadth. The company's already said that it's aiming its Silverlight rich Web app technology and Live Mesh synchronization service at mobile devices.
"When you think about our Web services, all of those will very much have a strong and stronger mobile component for them moving forward," Holden says. "It's really about extending the PC access to the mobile phone in ways that are very similar."

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