Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Microsoft Announce Internet Explorer 8 Version

Tej kohli expecting that yet its be true people are always curios to know about new software and there releases. But in Tej Kohli opinion that its too early after launching of IE8 , but necessary Mozila had already buzz the market with Mozila 3.0 and Google also launch a browser Crome.
Microsoft always updating its product and provides many new features and security than previous version. Now the Microsoft had launched updated Beta version of the web browser named Internet Explorer 8 and currently is in Beta version. Its having many features like its makes the user to safe from leaving footstep which makes him untraceable.
Its be most helpful for those online companies inclusive Microsoft which are doing online advertising can electronically gather tidbits about Web surfers' habits and then use that information to help decide what kinds of ads to show.
Currently this new version is in “Beta” test version of the upcoming Internet Explorer 8 and now be available to download since 2-sep-2008 and its named InPrivateBrowsing and which makes user to surf without any information of visited sites and other storing of temporary files on computer . Program also cover other footprints like , temporary files , cookies and other small data files which enable to track visitor activities .
But its not now new features after all , because Internet Explorer 7 and Mozila 3.0 had already having functionality to block the cookies and also making user to delete all private details and browsing history also but they are unable to turn off that collection entirely..
Also Beta version introduces new additional functionality InPrivateBlocking mode, which also able to block third-party content from appearing on websites likes a company carrying stock from one websites and weather information from other websites. Company which collecting data from various resources still be able to collect and show their details and share information with the people online , But users who turn on InPrivateBlocking won't see that content or be exposed to such data collection without their consent.
But Microsoft makes some type of advertisement will be available to user specially which served by Microsoft own advertiser platform and its success depends upon software makers .
General manager of Microsoft advertising division had responded in a statement that consumers understand that they get free content and services in exchange for advertising but want "transparency, trust and control with respect to the sites they visit." He also stated that “"If IE8 helps heighten awareness of this value exchange, that's a step in the right direction,".
While user surfing they can make InPrivateBlocking facility on and able to review a list which are tried to display something or even want to collect the data . User also enabled with a link which makes these companies with the Go ahead to collect the data.
“Today as a user, we have no visibility or control over how that information is shared and recorded," said James Pratt, a product manager for IE8. "I wouldn't put Microsoft as being the arbiter of what should and shouldn't be tracked."
Any publisher are too much worried because they considered as ad Blockers but InPrivateBlocking is not work as totally ad Blockers announced by Mike Zaneis, vice president of public policy for the Internet Advertising Bureau, which represents Web publishers.
If InPrivateBlocking will be adopted by IE8 users , small websites which are based upon outsides ad will suffer and will be removed automatically . The Internet ad economy didn't crash after ad-blocking plug-ins appeared for Firefox, but Zaneis said that may have more to do with Firefox's much smaller market share. (Firefox's challenge to IE has grown, however; the browser is used by more than 10 percent of Web surfers.)
The other advantage of the IE8 is to its calculate how much time and how many times user visit the ads makes able to proper calculating payment both advertiser and publisher -- that could also bring down the Web ad marketplace, Zaneis noted
"We'll wait and see what the marketplace looks like," he said. "I think [Microsoft] realizes, we all realize, that it's a beta version, and it's sure to change before it's finalized."
Also IE 8 makes web browsing easier to user and also enhanced the address bar to know what user really intent and how he get easily get desired websites. Also search box provide many other option that lets user to get more content and other product specific like search for an music album populates a drop-down menu with titles, prices and thumbnails of cover art.
On the other hand Microsoft Official unable to say about what be exact timings for final release but told that second beta version is ready for average users to try. But Microsoft assure user that its will not take too much times as its was taken previously 6 and 7 version. Earlier in June 2008 Bill Gates had promised to launch IE8 end of the August. While asking about IE8 first Beta version , its was focused on plumbing of the browser – addressing compliance with new Web standards and such – the second beta addresses user interface issues.
Dean Hachamovitch, general manager of the Internet Explorer team on the IEBlog had asked previously that "We focused our work around three themes: everyday browsing (the things that real people do all the time), safety (the term most people use for what we've called 'trustworthy' in previous posts), and the platform (the focus of Beta 1, how developers around the world will build the next billion web pages and the next waves of great services),”. A good feature had introduced with this version called "porn mode" which be switchable setting where all content, like files, cookies, and HTML code, is not saved to the cache – is a part of IE 8 beta 2, along with a feature familiar to Firefox users.
IE8 now having searchable address bar , such makes user to type actual URL or words from the site and IE will narrow the search as more and more latter entered , which is similar to the Firefox 3.0 "Awesome Bar,". Search Bar had also be modified which gives you suggestion and offer lot of search provider to get desired results likes enable to search and eBay . Many new security features also included like SmartScreen filter, which expands upon the Phishing Filter in Internet Explorer 7. The IEBlog said there are upgraded security feature to protect against things like cross-site scripting attacks, one of the most common forms of Web-based attacks.
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