Monday, June 21, 2010

Slim Xbox 360, priced at only $199 is confirmed for 'fall'

Tej Kohli IT Passion Blog brings a good news for Xbox lovers....

After witnessing an internal marketing Q & A with Microsoft, Kataku can confirm that the second slim Xbox 360 will be avaialable this fall for only $ 199 USD.

In addition, Microsoft declares that Kinect will be a standalone product, and also as a part of the bundle “with the newly designed Xbox 360 Console.”

Microsoft has not yet confirmed anything on the bundle pricing, saying : "We have no additional details about pricing or retail strategy to share at this time."

GameStop, the biggest video game retailer in the US has priced Kinect Bundles at $299, for the arcade model and $399 for the Elite bundle, but these prices are not confirmed and may change.

It is still not clear what will be stripped down in the $199 version, as the $299 model confirmed that E3 will not have a 150 GB HDD and built-in wireless features, including 802.11n support, the fastest Wi-Fi in any console.

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