Monday, July 26, 2010

iPhone users Hit with Collosal Roaming Charges

Okay! so here's a situation:  You return after a holiday abroad, and guess what awaits you at home? 

An unexpected large phone bill! Such was the plight of Apple iPhone users who have been hit by unexpected roaming charges when returning from holiday.

The mobile phone service providers across the UK are flooded with complaints from iPhone users who,despite claiming to have turned roaming services off before leaving for holiday abroad, have still incurred huge data charges whilst away.

Consumers have logged their complaints on the popular website, and since then, some service providers have begun refunding data roaming charges. While every sevice provider has received the complaints, but iPhone users on network career O2 have received maximum complaints.
The founder of, Martin Lewis, has asked users, who have already paid their bills to contact their mobile phone service provider immediately and demand refund. 

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