Wednesday, July 20, 2011

iPad Sucked 11% Share of the PC Market!

The IT passion blog by Tej Kohli is a place to find the latest news on Technology sector. In this post, Tej Kohli talks about how the new player iPad ate up the 11% share of the PC market.

From 7 percent market share in January, the iPad now stands at 11 percent.

The gadget was launched only a year ago, and during this quarter Apple sold about 9.25 million iPads which marks a 142% increase from the last year sales.

According to a recent research, the personal computer sales worldwide, excluding tablets were 844 million this quarter. This indicates a 2 percent growth from the last year.

If we look at it from another perspective, lets say that most iPads were sold to users, and that total computer sales are divided equally between consumers and businesses. Going by this, the iPad has already grabbed the 20 percent share of consumer PC market.

Looking at it from yet another perspective, if we put the biggest computer brands in a chronological order, the iPad comes fourth following HP, Dell, and Lenovo. It in fact comes before Acer, says Tej Kohli. Furthermore, if we add the Apple's 3.965 million Macs, it comes to a 13.2 million PCs which it sold, making the second largest computer vendor globally after HP.

The iPad entered the scene only about a year ago, but the PCs have been around since 1980s, with Microsoft's Windows dominating the most of them. During the early 1990s when the MACs were thrown in the market, things changed a little.

Microsoft reports its quarterly earnings on Thursday and expects it to be good this time. Office has been doing well for the last three quarters, and related business server software is also a strong point. But Windows sales reduced by 4% year over year last quarter, and nobody expects that trend to be reversed this quarter. Part of the Windows revenue decline is from strong year-ago numbers thanks to the release of Windows 7, and part of it is the decay of netbooks.

But on a serious note -- a new player just took 11% of what used to be the PC market. Microsoft's Windows monopoly, seems in danger.

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