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Tej Kohli Ecommerce Trends 2012 - What Are Consumers Looking At?

People across the world know Tej kohli owned Grafix Softech engineer working hard to provides best solutions for shopping cart and e-commerce related services, but for keeping itself into the row needs some enhancement and news features which not easy to use but can be accordance to latest technologies
In one word it’s just about ‘satisfaction’ and ‘user experience’. If you have ever bought a product online and found the experience – right from the quality of the product, speedy delivery and payment gateways etc. satisfactory, the site you dealt with gets a Brownie point.

Picture this

  • Value of online sales since 2000 has increased from $5.7 billion to $49.9 billion (2006) in Canada.
  • The American eCommerce and Online Retail sales are expected to breach $226 billion in 2012.
  • China's e-commerce industry grew 45 percent YoY (year on year) to reach $44.5 billion worth transaction volume in 2011.
  • According to Forrester, India e-tailing market was $600 Million in 2011 and expected to reach $9 Billion by 2016 and $70 Billion by 2020.
What Costa Rica based entrepreneur really feels about the global technologies is that these updates are not introduces at just one shot but these are depends on past experience read Tej kohli full articles about this on talkbusinessmagazine .

Factors to Play Dominant Role in Future Ecommerce Transactions

According to a report commissioned by Google and executed by UPS/comScore combined certain factors would play a dominant role in shaping the eCommerce industry of the future.
  1. Discount and special schemes/ if any
  2. Online shopping experience and the ‘satisfaction’ factor
  3. Goods return policy or the lack of it (more than half consumers have returned goods at some point in time)
  4. Checkout (products) processes by consumers (large # of consumer check and leave sites without placing orders)
  5. Shipping services (delivery and timing)
  6. Retailer recommendation (+ positive consumer experience)
  7. Comparison Shopping (factors like product price and shipping charges are highly taken into consideration)
The research further elucidates a number of questions typically directed towards an avid online shopper or a wannabe online shopper is looking and questioning.

What Are You Looking At?

Octogenarian couple Jane and Ned Snowball of UK happens to be the first online shoppers. They ordered groceries from Tesco in 1984. After thirty years, marketers are asking relevant question in lieu with the present circumstances amidst an ongoing global IT boom.
An online consumer is asking particular questions like:-
  1. The most/least vital aspects of previous online shopping experiences?
  2. What are the factors that a user will return and/ or recommend a website?
  3. What factors a consumer is looking during the product check-out process?
  4. What all shipping services plus options an average consumer finds valuable the most?
  5. How are products being tracked and what kind of delivery services is being preferred by them?
  6. What entails consumers’ returns experiences and the returns process?
  7. How the overall online purchasing experience impacts an overall impression of a particular retailer?
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