Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tej Kohli blog & Blogging Rules

A Blog is a personal online diary or a journal where your thoughts, ideas, a news, personal feelings and/or projections etc are assimilated chronologically and viewed in an HTML browser and the freshest/newest information is seen on the top. To periodically blog is called Blogging & the reason to blog can be many
  • Market a product                                    
  • Give or receive comments/feedback
  • To have fun
  • Share news and information
You may want to share something you think, write what you feel, penning stray/random thoughts and well thought out posts and calibrated articles where you are engaged with a wider audience.
This audience is largely unknown and that it cuts across cast, color and geography and wield ‘influence’. The content of a personal blog can comprise of texts, pictures, videos or a mix of everything, depending upon what you have to share.
Why Blogging?
Creating and maintaining blogs is as easy as logging into your laptop or PC (personal computer). Influential people and laymen alike maintain a blog, which - are either written by themselves or by ghostwriters. Tej Kohli is a Costa Rica based international entrepreneur with commercial interest in (IT, digital property creation and real estate). Kohli is also a globe trotting traveller, a music/film lover plus an avid blogger. Kohli says, “Blogging is a passion and one needs to catch up with one’s passion once in a while. The objective primarily is to engage with people known to you and also to reach out to a wide audience.”

Blogging Trivia

Heard about Han? Han Who? This 30 year old Chinese blogger is the most popular blogger in the world and his personal blog has attracted 300 million plus hits till date. Han is a rally driver, singer and an online book publisher. He has also being named as the most influential person by TIME magazine, Newsweek and Brit magazine New Statesman in 2010.
Types of Blogs
  • Textual

  • Art blogs
  • Photoblogs
  • Video blogs or "vlogs"
  • MP3 blogs audio (podcasts)
  • Edublogs
TOP Blogs
  • The Huffington Post
  • TMZ
  • Business Insider
  • Engadget
  • Perez Hilton
  • TechCrunch
  • Mashable
Top Blogging platforms
  • Blogger (FREE)
  • Tumblr (FREE)
  • WordPress (FREE)
  • Posterous (FREE)
Pic source – businessweek,, Wikipedia 

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