Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Tej Kohli gives latest updates from Internet market and now find that now a days where we running our system in highly secure environment, we have also check out for latest software updates like browser. Tej Kohli short study about Internet Brower and their latest version and uses.
Most of the Internet researcher and experts such that Zurich , Google , IBM are unanimous that like any medicine software must have instruction to use with proper expiry date. Some famous and well-known personal like Stefan Frei and Martin May of the Computer Engineering and Networks Laboratory at ETH Zurich, Thomas Dubendorfer of Google Switzerland, and Gunter Ollmann of IBM (NYSE: IBM) are said that worldwide near about 637 million (42.5%) Internet surfer out of 1.4 billion using net on high risk due to old browser version. They are in believe that software must have labeled like ‘Best Before ‘ date which enable to user to get fresh and updated version of software . They are also agree that a such community must be exist in the world who informed that your software expired and need to be update and must have latest collection of new software with guidelines .According to study new and new malware targeting web browser and can affect not only user data but also affect network .Since 2000 when remote access came into existence , the possibility of such malware can harm computer .According to study it find that Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 2, Safari 3, and Opera 9 -- Firefox 2 is the most secure .
Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) Internet Explorer 7 which share 47.65 share of market find secure for net browsing , Fireox 2 is moist secure browser , because 83.35 using the current version , second third and forth no occupied by Apple safari 3 which 65.35 user using current version .
Since October 2006 when the IE 7 was launch , takes 19 months to be common use , which is mostly used browser . In such time 92.2% Firefox user now use FF2.The study further states that , after the release of Safari 3 60% user had upgraded within three months .Because of "Apple's controversial inclusion of the new Web browser in the auto-updates of other popular Apple software products." In March, Mozilla CEO John Lilly said Apple's decision to make its Safari Web browser available to Windows users by default "borders on malware distribution practices."
Some researcher define most secure Web browser as "the latest official public release of a vendor's Web browser at a given date." In this Beta version is not included . But it also be true that malware creator target mostly used browser which is off course Internet Explorer that share 78.3 5 global marjet from Feb to Jun 2008 instead of Opera which is used now 0.8% around the world . Because the idea behind that more and more people gets affected with malware so malware community target mostly used browser user.But in particle its not be true because all the web browser using same underlying technology such that Flash and other Add-Ons . Along similar lines, the study cites research by computer security firm Secunia that indicates some 21.7% of all QuickTime 7 installations are out of date. Thus, having the most current version of one's favorite Web browser may not help if one's other software is outdated.

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